Burhasi Water Well Project, Uttar Pradesh – India

Village: Burhasi, Uttar Pradesh 202125, India Gps Coordinates: 27.912527°N 78.206781°E Location Burhasi village, situated in the Koil tehsil of Aligarh district, Uttar Pradesh, India, is 20km away from both the sub-district headquarters Koil (tehsildar office) and the district headquarters Aligarh. According to 2009 statistics, Burhasi is the gram panchayat for the village, covering a total […]

Conclusion Of Flood Emergency Relief – Pakistan

Background The monsoon season in Pakistan, which lasts from June to October, was devastating in 2022. It was the worst the country has ever seen. Millions of people were affected by flooding, which created a crisis where clean water – among other necessities – was desperately needed. The floods caused damage to water systems in […]

Final Report of Water Filter Distribution – Karuk Tribe

The Karuk Tribe is a Native American tribe located in northern California, primarily in the Klamath River region. They are one of several indigenous groups in the state of California and have a rich cultural heritage and history. The Karuk Tribe’s traditional territory encompasses parts of northern California, including Humboldt County, Siskiyou County, and Trinity […]

Water Filter Distribution – Marshall Islands

The availability of clean water is considered a basic human right, yet in many places, including the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI), access to clean water remains a significant challenge. More than one billion people in developing regions still lack access to safe water sources, leading to severe health issues. Every year, 2-3 million […]


Mbour Project 1- Daru Salam Village GPS: N14ᴼ25.040 W016ᴼ56.682 DARU SALAM VILLAGE is located on the outskirts of Mbour, Senegal. It has a population of about 400 people. The community is composed of Mandinka, Wollof and Serere tribes. It is predominantly Mandinka who migrated to this area from southern Senegal. The community depends on traditional […]

Conclusion of Lower Saloum District Rehab Tour Phase-2 – The Gambia

The Lower Saloum of the Central River Region is one of the poorest regions in The Gambia. Most people in the villages of Lower Saloum are engaged in subsistence farming – there is a recognized ‘hungry season’ when food is scarce but agricultural labour is most intense. There are serious environmental and ecological vulnerabilities, especially […]

Conclusion Of Establishing WASH Resources – Epworth, Zimbabwe

Epworth community members waiting to retrieve water from an unsafe well, the water that residents retrieve from this location is dirty and unsafe. Water Charity, in partnership with Dare to Share launched a WASH initiative to meet the needs of the community. Limited access to clean water and a lack of hygiene resources are the […]