Conclusion of Community Clinic Water Project – Ghana

Water Charity is pleased to announce the completion of the Community Clinic Water Project in the North Tongu District, Ghana.

Project Title: Mafi-Dedukope Clinic Water Project
Project Location: Mafi-Dedukope, North Tongu District, Ghana
Project Duration: 6 Months

Project Description

We are delighted to present the final report for the Mafi-Dedukope Clinic Water Project. The project was initiated to address the lack of clean water supply at the clinic. It involved the installation of a borehole to provide clean water and a water storage tank for storage. The project was executed by a team of local contractors and supervised by the clinic’s management committee. This initiative benefits not only the Mafi-Dedukope Clinic but also the Mafi-Dedukope D/A Basic School.

Project Goal

The project aims to supply clean, safe water to the recipients, enhancing community health, well-being, and preventing the spread of waterborne diseases.

Project Activities:

  1. Connecting a new water source from the Ghana Water Company.
  2. Installing a water storage tank.
  3. Installing a distribution system.

Project Achievements

We are happy to report that all project objectives were successfully achieved within the project duration. The borehole was drilled and installed, providing the clinic with a clean and reliable water supply essential for patients’ and staff’s health and hygiene. The water storage tank was also installed, ensuring a sufficient water supply at the clinic.

Project Challenges

During the connection phase, the project encountered technical difficulties with the Ghana Water Company’s infrastructure. These challenges hindered the project’s progress, causing delays. Despite the challenges, our team and the Ghana Water Company worked diligently to find solutions. Through collaboration and determination, we successfully navigated the technical obstacles.

Project Outcome

Thanks to the unwavering dedication of Water Charity and the support of the Ghana Water Company, the project was completed successfully. The water connection has been established, providing the Mafi-Dedukope Clinic and the Mafi-Dedukope D/A Basic School with a reliable water supply.


  1. Improved access to clean water.
  2. Increased water security.
  3. Reduced risk of water-borne diseases.

Impact of the Project

The Mafi-Dedukope Clinic Water Project has had a significant impact on both the clinic and the community upon completion. The installation of the borehole has provided the clinic with a clean and reliable water supply, improving the quality of healthcare services offered to patients. Additionally, the project has had a positive effect on the community by creating employment opportunities for local contractors and laborers, and providing access to clean water.

Handover Ceremony

The water supply was completed and transferred to the clinic management and school authority on April 15, 2024. Mrs. Joyce Koomson and Mrs. Constance Addie, the school head teachers and head of the clinic, expressed their deep gratitude for the support from Water Charity in providing clean drinking water.


We would like to express our sincere appreciation to everyone who contributed to the successful completion of the Mafi-Dedukope Clinic and Mafi-Dedukope D/A Basic School Water Project. Your hard work and dedication have made a positive impact on the lives of patients, staff, school children, and the community as a whole. We hope this project inspires others and that together, we can continue to make a positive change in the world.

Project Expenditure


  • Total Grant Received: GHC 46,695.38
  • Total Expenditure: GHC 46,625
  • Cash Balance at Hand: GHC 70.38

Improving Healthcare Facilities at Mafi-Dedukope Clinic, Water Charity donated a total grant of GHC 46,695.38. The total expenditure for the project is GHC 46,625, leaving a cash balance of GHC 70.38. Therefore, the total expenditure for the project is within the approved grant amount.

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Thank you for your support in making this project a success. Your contributions are vital to bringing clean water and improved sanitation to communities in need.

Water Charity: Bringing Clean Water, Saving Lives

This project has been completed. To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.