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Water Charity is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to helping people access clean drinking water and improved sanitation. In 17 years of work, Water Charity has done over 11,900 water, sanitation, and public health projects in 87 countries, benefiting more than 12 million people directly! We are also active in disaster relief & pandemic response.  With our Water For Everyone Initiative, we are taking the fight to the next level with GIS mapping and data mining of project data.


Water, Sanitation & Health Projects


Countries Served


Million People Benefited

Incredible Facts

  • More people die from lack of clean drinking water than from all forms of violence combined… including war! (United Nations)
  • At present, 2 billion people have inadequate access to sanitation… with nearly a billion people practicing open defecation.
  • About 720 million people have no access to safe drinking water at all.

Illness & Desease

  • Fully half of the hospital beds worldwide are occupied by someone suffering from a water-related illness.
  • Diarrhea is the leading cause of death for children under 5 worldwide and is entirely preventable.
  • 80% of all diseases are waterborne. (World Health Organization)

Our Strategy

Our solution is simple. We use proven, low-cost, efficient methods to achieve solutions that originate in the community. We start projects immediately & ask for donations once the project is underway. Projects are done quickly & sustainably with local labor. Our "appropriate" projects work.

Naturally, these figures are changing daily, and they have improved since we started doing this work (it was over 1.4 billion without clean water then). This is encouraging, and it shows that we can actually solve this problem with the means at hand. And yet, there is a lot of work still to be done. With around 80 million displaced people at any given moment (more than at any time in history)… and with massive, seemingly-endless conflicts raging in many places… and knowing that no census style infrastructure exists in much of the world… exact numbers of people suffering are fairly well impossible.

What is not impossible, is alleviating the needless suffering. Solving water issues is not difficult, doesn’t take any new technology, and is not expensive… it just takes desire. Even in these extraordinary times, with pandemic raging across the globe… water is STILL the issue. It is very hard to wash your hands without water. People can not “shelter in place” without water. Go 3 days without any water and you risk death by dehydration. Join us in making sure that everyone has access to water!

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Our Story

We've never been the type of charity to beg you for money. We don’t flood your inbox with pleas and sad tales. We do projects. Often, we fund projects out of pocket and never get repaid by donors! In fact, we don’t want you to give us your last few dollars. We want partners in doing real, professional water development projects. We do water infrastructure, sanitation, and disaster relief… that’s it. Our donors don’t need gala benefits, shiny plaquards, or ego-based stories. This isn’t about us.

With our entire focus on doing low cost, high impact projects, Water Charity built upon successes, and grew without much fanfare. Now we are not only doing projects all around the world, but we are doing bigger, and even more impactful projects with our Water For Everyone Initiative. As an official partner of the National Peace Corps Association, and a host of water based charities, we are able to leverage on the ground assets and keep project costs at an industry-wide low. Please join us as we push to scale up our already impressive achievements, and continue to have a substantial impact on the World Water Crisis!

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Water Charity

This is Water Charity, the largest WASH sector partner of the Peace Corps, widely known for supporting former volunteers (RPCVs) in starting their own NGO's


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