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Bukoteka Health Centre 2- Water project completion report

Funded by Water Charity


Water Charity is pleased to announce the completion of the Bukoteka Health Centre 2 Water Project, which has successfully addressed the critical water needs of the local community.


Bukoteka Health Centre 2, located in Bugweri district, is the smallest health center serving more than three villages. With over 500 patients per month and a monthly average of 15-25 births, the facility offers essential health services, including antenatal care. Previously, the health center lacked access to a clean water source, requiring patients to bring their own water or fetch it from distant locations. The Bukoteka Health Centre Water Project aims to establish a reliable source of clean water within the health center premises. This will ensure that patients have easy access to safe and hygienic water without the need to leave the facility. In the past, patients, especially expectant mothers, have faced the challenge of not having access to clean water within the health center, forcing them to search for water outside the facility, which can be inconvenient and potentially risky. By addressing this issue, we aim to minimize potential risks associated with leaving the premises and ensure the comfort of the patients.

Water Charity has proposed a solution to provide a reliable supply of water within the Bukoteka Health Centre premises, eliminating the need for patients and pregnant women to fetch water from external sources. By improving access to water, we can minimize potential risks and provide a safer environment for both patients and healthcare providers. This will not only enhance the quality of care but also contribute to better health outcomes for all.

Water Charity has partnered with and funded the One Home Mission Foundation to address a critical issue by providing a reliable water source to the health center premises. This initiative will ensure that the facility can effectively support its healthcare activities and serve the local community.

The project will benefit at least 25 pregnant mothers, who are expected to visit the health center every month according to the facility’s records.

Additionally, more than 6,000 people, including men, women, children, and the elderly, will benefit from having access to clean water on the premises, eliminating the need to travel long distances.


The Bukoteka Health Centre 2 water project involved several key steps:

Activity 1: Community Engagement

  • Met with the Bukoteka community and health center leadership.
  • Shared information on the importance of the new water facility.
  • Encouraged community cooperation for sustaining the water infrastructure.

Activity 2: Well Digging

  • Manually excavated a well to a depth of 37 feet, taking advantage of the favorable water table in the Busoga region.

Activity 3: Well Construction

  • Constructed sturdy well walls using cement, bricks, sand, and water to protect the underground water source.

Activity 4: Water Tank Installation

  • Built four concrete poles with a slab on top for the water tank.
  • Allowed 3-4 days for the structure to dry properly.

Activity 5: Plumbing and Electrical Work

  • Installed the water pump and distribution system.
  • Completed plastering and tiling, followed by a 2-3 day drying period.

Activity 6: Final Touches

  • Painted the entire structure.
  • Tested the water pumping system.

Activity 7: Handover Ceremony

  • Officially handed over the water facility to the Bukoteka community.
  • Celebrated with a cake-cutting ceremony attended by community leaders, health center staff, patients, and local residents.


The Bukoteka Health Centre 2 Water Project has had a significant positive impact on the local community and healthcare services:

  • Healthcare Improvement:
    • Doctors and nurses can now focus on delivering quality care without the interruption of water shortages, leading to better patient outcomes and more efficient use of the health center’s resources.
  • Public Health Enhancement:
    • The availability of clean, reliable water has improved sanitation and hygiene practices, contributing to overall public health.
  • Community and Economic Benefits:
    • Community members no longer need to spend time and resources obtaining water from distant sources, positively impacting the local economy and daily life.

The water facility benefits over 6,000 people from the villages near the health center, including Bukoteka Primary School, which has more than 400 children.


The Bukoteka Health Centre 2 Water Project, despite its success, faced several challenges:

  • Unpredictable Weather:
    • Heavy rains caused delays, highlighting the need for contingency plans and adaptability in the face of natural forces.
  • Poor Road Conditions:
    • The rough, uneven terrain made transporting materials and equipment challenging, slowing progress and adding logistical complexity.

These challenges underscored the importance of robust infrastructure planning, coordination with local authorities, and the ability to anticipate and plan for potential obstacles. Despite these hurdles, the project’s success has provided valuable lessons for future initiatives.


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Thank you for your support in making this project a success. Your contributions are vital to bringing clean water and improved sanitation to communities in need.

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