Bukoteka Health centre Water project – Uganda

Water Charity is pleased to announce the launch of its latest water project at Bukoteka Health Centre 2 in Uganda.

Location of the Project: BUSESA SUB-COUNTY, UGANDA

Community Description

Bukoteka Health Centre 2 is an essential healthcare facility located in the heart of Busesa sub-county in the Iganga district. It was erected by the Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau and serves the villages of Bukoteka, Budende ‘A’, Butende, Mulanga ‘B’, Lusagha ‘A’, and Lusagha ‘B’, which are home to approximately 6,576 people. The healthcare professionals at Bukoteka Health Centre are committed to providing healthcare services to the local community. They offer a wide range of services, including family planning, maternal and child healthcare, rehabilitation, STD/HIV/AIDS counseling, and other essential medical services. The team strives to ensure that every patient receives the best care possible, regardless of their background or financial situation.

Problem Addressed

We understand that the lack of basic amenities at our health center can cause inconvenience to our community members who come here seeking medical care and support. We have recently been made aware of a situation where pregnant women and patients have to fetch water from nearby sources for their essential needs due to a broken single washroom. This situation can pose a significant risk, especially when pregnant women experience labor pain or when sick patients faint due to their medical condition. We strongly believe that access to clean and safe water is essential for the well-being of all individuals at the health center.

Project summary

The Bukoteka Health Centre 2 Water Project is an initiative designed to establish a reliable and long-lasting source of clean water within the health center premises. This will ensure that patients have easy access to safe and hygienic water without the need to leave the facility. In the past, patients, particularly expectant mothers, have faced the challenge of not having access to clean water within the health center. This has forced them to search for water outside the facility, which can be inconvenient, time-consuming, and potentially risky. By addressing this issue, we aim to minimize any potential risks associated with leaving the premises and ensure the comfort of the patients.

Water Charity has suggested implementing a solution that would provide a reliable and convenient supply of water within the premises of Bukoteka Health Centre. This would eliminate the need for patients and pregnant women to fetch water from external sources, making it safer for everyone involved. By improving access to water, we can minimize potential risks and provide a safer environment for both patients and healthcare providers. This, in turn, will not only enhance the quality of care but also contribute to better health outcomes for all.

Project Activities

  • Dig a water well, install a water tank, electric pump and tap to facilitate the distribution of water.
  • Introducing our innovative Water Saving Box, a game-changer in project sustainability and also encouraging local ownership.

Project Impact

  • The project will at least benefit 25 pregnant mothers who are expected every month at the health center according to the facility’s book of records.
  • The project will benefit more than 6,000 people including men, women, children and the elderly with clean water and they will no longer need to travel a distance.

Project sustainability

Our approach to encourage local ownership involves introducing a water-saving box that not only helps conserve water but also saves money on maintenance costs. By using the water-saving box, individuals can save up to $0.26 on maintenance expenses, making it a cost-effective solution for reducing water usage.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Our team will be responsible for follow-up on the project, especially the appointed project manager.

Project estimated Budget




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This project has been completed. To read about the conclusion report, CLICK HERE.