Busoga Region Bore Hole Program Second Round Progress Report – Uganda

There are several villages in Iganga District that are currently facing significant challenges in accessing clean and safe water sources. In particular, the villages of Busei Central, Ngangali, Kasolo, Bukakabisi and Bukoko are affected. These communities consist of several primary schools that rely on unsafe and distant water sources. This puts the health of their students at risk and perpetuates the cycle of poverty in these areas. The total population of these villages is estimated at over 10,000 people. It is critical that we take immediate action to address this problem. Our plan is to provide each village with a hand-dug borehole that will serve as a sustainable source of clean water. This initiative will take approximately 2-4 weeks to implement. By implementing this solution, we aim to improve the living conditions and overall well-being of the residents of these vulnerable communities. We believe that access to clean water is a basic human right, and by addressing this issue together, we can significantly impact the lives of those affected.

The living conditions in rural areas of Iganga District have led to an increase in illnesses such as diarrhea and bilharzia due to poor sanitation and hygiene practices. Despite previous aid provision efforts by the local government and other humanitarian organizations being unsuccessful due to corruption and mismanagement, we are confident that our approach will bring about long-lasting and positive change in these communities.



  • To enable poor families to access clean water.
  • To provide the community with a clean water source.
  • To allow children access to clean water.
  • To change the standards of living in the communities of people in the 5 villages.
  • To promote good sanitation.
  • To reduce the distance traveled by community members while in search of clean water.



Activity 1: The second phase of the Busoga Region Bore Hole Program started on August 14th. We began by holding a meeting with local leaders, health teams, and village elder councils. During the meeting, we discussed the land allocation process for the borehole and elected a Bore Hole Leadership Committee (BHLC). The BHLC will ensure that the water source is maintained, kept clean, and mobilize the community to pay their monthly contribution of $0.27. Water Charity proposed that the community elders and BHLC be responsible for protecting the borehole. Each village provided free land to set up a well and part of the accommodation for the team working on the well. We focused on using local labor to create employment opportunities and enable them to earn a living for their families.

Activity 2: On August 15th, 2023, well digging began in four villages. The necessary materials were delivered and the labor workers were provided with accommodation and food, which was at times voluntarily provided by the community.



  1. Our project aims to provide boreholes to 25 villages, with each village receiving 2 new boreholes. Currently, we have started 8 new boreholes, 3 in Phase 1 and 5 in Phase 2, providing water to approximately 80,000 people. This is a significant achievement, but we must continue to provide more boreholes to minimize the risks associated with searching for clean water.
  2. We are excited to announce our final Phase 2 initiative to promote local ownership and sustainability. With the Box Saving Program, villagers can save their extra coins and help repair the well in their community. It’s a win-win situation! 💧💰 We provided metal boxes to make it easy for them to store their savings while actively contributing to a greener future.



Material prices change due to the unstable economy in the country.We managed to use a bargain for a good price.
Weather changes,Uganda majorly expects 2 seasons both dry and wet seasons.
Majorly during the rainy season it’s hard to dig the well since it makes it filled with water hence delaying work to be accomplished in the time frame.
We used the Water pump to drain out water from the well and also used the chance that it’s at the other side positive that the soil is softener hence easing the work.
We used the Water pump to drain out water from the well and also used the chance that it’s the other side positive that the soil is softener hence easing the work.Together we worked with the local leaders who contributed an amount of funds to complete borehole 5 in Bukoko.


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In addition to the water project, our dedicated team in Uganda is going above and beyond! Alongside the water project, they are conducting food giveaways for the elderly poor, providing an added benefit to the local community. Your support goes a long way in addressing essential needs and creating positive change.