Water Charity Featured by Peace Corps

Water Charity is pleased to have one of our projects featured on the Peace Corps YouTube Channel. Under our Appropriate Projects initiative, we undertook the Teugue-Ndogui Ecole 1 Latrine Project – Senegal. Under the leadership of Peace Corps Volunteer Lyzz Ogunwo, a latrine was built for the elementary school in Teugue-Ndogui. It now serves 90 […]

Dr. Darlene Grant at TEDxUlaanbaatarWomen

In 2010-2011, while serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Cambodia, Darlene Grant implemented the Wat Norea Peaceful Children’s Home II Solar Pump Project – Cambodia and the Battambang Regional Teacher Training Center Water and Sanitation Project – Cambodia in partnership with Water Charity. In July, 2012, Darlene became Country Director of Peace Corps Mongolia! […]

Hack and Slash Christmas Special 2012 Supports Water Charity Projects

It’s that time of year again. Hack and Slash Christmas Special is Baltimore’s most popular Christmas comedy event. This year’s show celebrates their 20th anniversary, and promises to be more entertaining than ever. The show is set in the theme of a grand movie premiere, with the live stage show taking the form of a […]

Water Charity Promotional Video

Gayle Sullivan, a great friend and supporter of Water Charity, prepared this video to highlight the work that we are doing around the world. We hope you’ll enjoy it and share it with your friends.

Hack and Slash Christmas Special 2011 Supports Water Charity Projects

We are pleased to announce that Hack & Slash has again chosen to honor and support Water Charity at this year’s Hack and Slash Christmas Special 2011. The product of John Davis (Hack) and Spencer Humm (Slash), this show features great entertainers providing holiday entertainment for the entire family. Three performances are set for December […]

Save the Sharks

The message below comes from Eva Shivdasani, Creative Director for Six Senses Resorts and Spas. It is important that each of us understands the importance of sharks to the vitality of our oceans and our world environment. Eva is a passionate environmentalist who constantly takes action to bring about positive changes on issues that affect […]

Presenting Water Charity

Our fundraising event was a spectacular success! The Water/Wo/Men event took place in Laamu, Maldives, from September 30 through October 4, and attracted the world’s leading watersports icons and water conservationists, together with actors, artists, and musicians. As a part of the week’s activities, a video was made by our hosts, Six Senses Resorts and […]

Water Charity is Going on the Road

We have finalized a very exciting travel itinerary that will take us to New York, Washington, D.C, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and India. It will keep us on the road from Mid-September through mid-October, 2011. I’ll briefly describe where we’re going, and report back later as these events unfold. On September 16, we will participate in […]

World Water Day 2011

March 22nd, 2011 is the International World Water Day. In honor of this exciting celebration of the basic human right to clean drinking water we ask that you consider doing two things: (1) Write or email your representatives and let them know that you support the Universal Human Right to Water. (2) Donate to one […]