World Water Day 2011

World Water Day 2011March 22nd, 2011 is the International World Water Day. In honor of this exciting celebration of the basic human right to clean drinking water we ask that you consider doing two things:

(1) Write or email your representatives and let them know that you support the Universal Human Right to Water.

(2) Donate to one of our projects, adopt a project from our Appropriate Projects initiative, or contribute directly to Water Charity to help us with outreach and publicity.

This is an important issue, and Water Charity is proud to be at the forefront of the water movement. Any awareness you can bring to your local community on this issue is valuable beyond measure. Let your friends and family know that:

•     80%
all diseases are waterborne

•     1
billion people worldwide do not have access to clean drinking water

•     Fully
half of all the worlds hospital beds are filled by someone suffering
from a
water-related illness

•     Lack
of clean drinking water kills more people per year than all forms of
put together… including war.

Together we can put an end to this tragedy and stop all this needless human suffering. Remember that the human body is about 2/3rds water. We ARE water.