Conclusion of Our Lady of Peace Chebukaka Primary School Rainwater Catchment System – Kenya

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Lindsey Rae Jackson.

To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to build a rainwater catchment system at the school.

Lindsey reports

The rainwater catchment system has been completed successfully!

We used a local carpenter who diligently created the platform for the tank to rest on out of sand, bricks, and cement. This process went smoothly and only took a couple of days.

Gutters were purchased and installed to allow for water to run easily into the tank.

Luckily, the sisters who live on the compound and run the school have very reliable and trustworthy labor connections, making the process of installing the tank extremely simple and stress free. All of the items mentioned were provided for by the school, including the labor costs.

The funds generously provided by Water Charity went directly towards the purchase of the 5,000 Liter water tank, as well as its transport to the school, and the tap to allow the students and staff access to the water.

With the installation of the tank, I included a small lesson with the students on hygiene and hand washing, to enforce the importance of good sanitation, particularly now that water will be more available.

The students, staff and sisters are all so thrilled and grateful for the new tank and the water that it will provide when the rains start to flow. With rainy season upon us, I am sure it will fill up fast, and be in use very soon!

Thank you very much for everything, or as they say here, Asante sana!!

We are grateful to Lindsey for completing this important project.