Our Lady of Peace Chebukaka Primary School Rainwater Catchment System – Kenya

Chebukaka, Chwele District, Bungoma County, Western Province, Kenya

Community Description
Chebukaka is a small farming village with just shy of a thousand residents located along the base of Mt. Elgon. It is approximately 25 km east from Bungoma town, and only one kilometer east of the large market town of Chwele. It is located in the heart of Luya land, and more specifically that of the Bukusu people.

The Our Lady of Peace Chebukaka Primary School is located on the Sisters of Mary compound where it opened for pupils just last January. Within one year the school has almost 200 students in attendance from nursery level to standard 4, and will continue to grow.

Problem Addressed
Although rainfall occurs most months of the year, the school has no way to harvest this resource. Therefore the school often has to fetch water from several kilometers away from an unsafe source.

During the dry season, the reliance on this unsafe water source increases, and a burden is put on families to help provide funds for water transport. The school offers a lunch program and without this resource, the program is often delayed or dismissed.

Drinking water from these outside sources can also often lead to waterborne diseases such as typhoid, reducing student attendance and quality of education.

Project Description
The project is to build a rainwater catchment system at the school.

The system will supply the school with clean and safe drinking water and water with which to cook and wash utensils.

The system will consist of a 5,000-liter plastic tank, gutters to collect rainwater, plastic piping, and a platform for the tank to rest on.

The rainwater catchment system will be located directly off of one of the school’s two classroom buildings as well as only a few meters away from the kitchen area used for cooking the meals of students. The platform will be made of bricks, sand, and cement, and will be constructed by skilled laborers.

The funds from Water Charity will go toward purchasing the water tank as well as its transport to the school site.

The remainder of the materials, including bricks, cement, sand, and gutters, as well as the labor, will be provided by the community.

Project Impact
Over 200 students will benefit from the project, as well as about 50 community members who work or live within and around the compound.

Peace Corps Volunteer Directing Project
Lindsey Rae Jackson

This is an important project for the school and the community. It will improve the health and well-being of the students, as well as those who live in the compound.

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This project has been finished. To read about the conclusion of the project, CLICK HERE.