Conclusion of Health Hut of Guague Cherif Well Project – Senegal

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Hannah MacFarlane.Conclusion of Health Hut of Guague Cherif Well Project - Senegal

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With the help of Water Charity, Gague Cherif now has a beautiful, clean well with potable water.  Water Charity’s Averill Strasser and Beverly Rouse were pleased to visit Hannah and see this project as it was nearing completion.
According to Hannah:
Conclusion of Health Hut of Guague Cherif Well Project - SenegalThe health workers are excited about the proximity of a safe water source, and the women of the village are happy that the water is close and tastes so good! “A saafaa sucre!” they say. Villagers continue to express their gratitude for the new well. Thank you Water Charity!
This project consisted of three parts; well construction, a water/sanitation/hygiene training and health hut area landscaping and floodwater management phase. The well was completed within a month and fitted with a metal lid to keep out contaminants. It also has a concrete apron to reduce mess. The health workers, and then women of the village, were trained in appropriate well management and safe water treatment practices at home. We had 68% adoption in these new water-treatment behaviors!
The landscaping phase of the project was to redirect floodwater flows during the rainy season into a nearby seasonal pond. This was an extremely successful part of the project with community involvement, education, and rainy season results! The compound had no standing water this season and the general area was protected by the earthworks construction techniques used (contour berm and diversion swale). The nurse is looking forward to having a naturally protected garden space in the coming seasons.