Health Hut of Guague Cherif Well Project – Senegal

Health Hut of Guague Cherif Well Project – SenegalLocation
Guague Cherif, Departement Foundiougne, Region Fatick, Senegal

Community Description
Guague Cherif is located in the Saloum River Delta, 12 km from Foundiougne, and 7 km from Djilor. It is a 60% Ethnic Serer community, with minority populations of Wolof and Serakhole, with nearly 1,000 inhabitants.

Problem Addressed
There is a lack of fresh, potable water for the community. All but one of the wells in the village are too salty to drink. The villagers must pull water from a well 2 kilometers away from the village, and store it in their homes.

The health hut does not have its own water source and it is the responsibility of the health workers to fetch the water they need to do their jobs.

Health Hut of Guague Cherif Well Project – SenegalIn addition, the rainy season leads to stagnant water in the compound and the surrounding area.

Project Description
This project is to provide a well for the Health Hut of Guague Cherif, as well as to make the area in and around the clinic safer and more functional during the rainy season.

The project will be implemented under the direction of the Comité de Gestion de L’eau, and the work will be completed by a local well digger and 2 or 3 local masons.

The project will begin by putting a concrete slab in the bottom of the latrine, which currently has a dirt bottom. This will protect the water source from contaminants.

Next, the well will be dug in the northeast corner of the compound. The water table is between 4 and 7 meters, and the well will be constructed with longevity as the goal. It will be one meter in diameter, and will have a concrete apron both to protect the quality of the water and the sanitation of the area immediately around the well. The well will also be fitted with a metal cover that hinges in the middle, allowing for full or partial coverage.

The well will provide fresh water that the health hut can easily access, as well as provide fresh water for the neighborhood. Water pulled from the well will be filtered and treated by the health workers when they draw it, and it will be used for hand washing, births, and other clinic needs.

Then, the land in and around the clinic will be re-graded to help divert rainy season floodwaters.

PCV Hannah Macfarlane and PCV Alex Wohlgemuth, along with 10 men from the village, will use earthworks techniques to build a contour berm and diversion swale to direct water around the outside of the compound into an existing reservoir. Vetiver grass, and trees such as moringa and pigeon pea, will be planted inside the swale along the berm for soil conservation and stabilization.

A drainage system will be installed to eliminate standing water in the compound. It will drain into the aforementioned reservoir or swale. In addition, a gutter system will be installed on the 4 roofed structures to catch rainwater and divert it to the swale, outside of the compound.

While the 10 men who volunteer their labor for this part of the project are participating, they will be trained in ways to use these technologies in their fields to help prevent crop loss due to flooding. By providing them with this training, and a diploma, they will become resources for the community.

Lastly, the health workers will hold a sensitization and training for people of the village on proper practices at the well, and water treatment at home. The WASH training will culminate with the participants receiving a certificate stating that they have learned proper well management and water treatment practices.

Health Hut of Guague Cherif Well Project – Senegal

Water Charity funds will pay for all of the materials for the project, including cement, rebar, PVC piping, and the metal well cover. It will also pay for the labor of the well digger, and materials for the WASH training.

The village is contributing transportation for all materials and all of the labor for the latrine and earthworks portions of the project.

Project Impact
This project will benefit about 400 people in the neighborhood, and will provide immense assistance to the 6 health workers.

Peace Corps Volunteer Directing Project
Hannah Macfarlane

The project will result in a clean, fresh water source for the health clinic and the neighborhood. It will increase the number of people with access to safe water, educate the community on proper well management, water safety, treatment, and storage, and increase the utility of the health hut during the rainy season.

Dollar Amount of Project

Donations Collected to Date

Dollar Amount Needed
$0.00 – This project has been fully funded through the generosity of Jesus Perez Olea of Alava/Araba Spain.

This project has bee completed.  To see the results, CLICK HERE.

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