Conclusion of Chervonohrad School #8 Bathroom Project – Ukraine

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer John Folstrom.

To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to provide bathroom for the students at the school.

John reports:

The Chervonohrad School #8 project to create a new bathroom was a clear success.

The community organization was in desperate need of an additional bathroom to have a sufficient number of working bathrooms in the school in order to adequately address the sanitation needs of the school, and the successful building of an additional working bathroom greatly improved the availability and quality of bathrooms at the school.

Specific work on the project included research, purchasing of materials and building of the bathroom. I am proud to say that my partner community members took a lead at this project and left my role in the project as primarily a supervisory role.

Research of materials was primarily done by my community partners as they better understood local prices and could better interact with local businesses on costs and product descriptions.

I assisted the community partners in purchasing the materials to insure the correct amount of money was used for the proper materials. Everything went very smoothly and all needed materials were purchased with no problems.

Funds from Water Charity were just short of the total costs of the bathroom, and the partner organization covered the remaining costs. Materials purchased included: a toilet, sink, new tiles and glue for the walls and floor and a new door for the room.

Labor was provided free of cost by employees of the partner organization and was done over a time period of three weeks.

The partner community considered this project to be a great success and a significant and needed improvement to the school. I find myself in agreement of their assessment and I speak on behalf of everyone involved in the project and myself when I say that we are extremely grateful to the Water Charity organization for providing this opportunity for our school. The amazing quickness and simplicity of the funding allowed this project to be implemented with the speed that was needed for this project.

We, in turn, are grateful to John for assisting the school in completing this project.