Chervonohrad School #8 Bathroom Project – Ukraine

Chervonohrad, Lvivska Oblast, Ukraine

Community Description
Chervonohrad is a mining town, home to 50,000 people, in the northern region of Lvivska in western Ukraine. It is the second largest city in the Lvivska oblast and is just an hour drive from the Polish border.

Prior to 1953, the city was known as Krystynopol meaning the city of Christina. The name was changed once the Soviets took control

of Ukraine. The city is known for mining that started in the 1950s, and is currently an important center for Ukrainian mining.

Chervonohrad passed from Poland to the USSR after the territory exchange in 1951. Local Ukrainians also frequently refer to the city as “Krasnohrad,” meaning “beautiful city.”

Being the second largest city in the oblast (province), Chervonohrad is a political, economic, and educational center for the northern region with many branches of Lviv universities and companies located in the area. It is home to many schools, including School #8.

School #8 is an English specialized school, dedicated to enabling 800 students to have a great command of the English language and be able to participate in not only the affairs of Ukraine but also the world. Students attending the school begin to study English at the age of five and continue until they graduate.

School #8 is consistently a leader in teacher development in the region, hosting a number of teacher training and development seminars to ensure that students receive the best, most effective education possible.

There are currently only eight working toilets for the eight hundred students. The sanitation problems in the school have been mostly ignored due to other issues within the school demanding the attention and resources of the school’s administration.

Due to budget constraints, a toilet in the boys’ locker room has never been installed for the students of the school, and male students must go across the school to find a toilet.

Project Description
This project is to provide a clean and serviceable bathroom for the boys of School #8.

The bathroom will be installed in the boy’s locker room, which will require a small amount of renovation.

Water Charity funds will be used to purchase fixtures and materials, including a new toilet, a sink, a faucet, piping, wall and floor tiles, and a new door.

The project will be overseen by the school administration. Installation will be carried out by trained staff of the school.

Project Impact
300 male students of Chervonohrad School 8 will benefit from the project.

Peace Corps Volunteer Directing Project
John Folstrom

The installation of clean and serviceable bathroom and locker room facilities will improve the health and wellbeing of the students of the school, and greatly improve the educational experience.

Dollar Amount of Project

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Donations of any amount will be appreciated. The full amount will give you “naming rights”, if that is something you would like.

Any contributions in excess of the Dollar Amount of Project will be allocated to other projects directed by this PCV and/or projects of other PCVs in this country.

Dollar Amount Needed

This project has been finished. To read about the conclusion of the project, CLICK HERE.