Conclusion of Westphalia All Age School Water Project – Jamaica

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Elizabeth DiCocco.

To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to bring potable water to the Westphalia All Age School by connecting to the water supply at the edge of the community and running piping to the school.

Elizabeth reports:

The project was started soon after I arrived in Westphalia, in November 2010, with our first planning meeting. After several months of planning and seeking different means of funding we finally found Appropriate Projects and with your help and the support of the National Water Commission (NWC) began burying and laying the pipe in May, 2011.

I realized that the pipe from Appropriate Projects would not be enough; we would have to source the water from higher up the hill than we had originally thought. So, we lobbied with NWC, and after several months, they agreed to assist us.

Then with several weeks of waiting for pipe from NWC, followed by several weeks of manual labor, we slowly pieced together the pipe. It was successfully installed by December, 2011.

This saves students the tiring labor of carrying water for cooking the lunches from the spring. Now, students can feel free to wash their hands anytime and can even drink some water after a sweaty game of football!

Thank you so much for your aid in this project. The people of Westphalia are so grateful for your organization and hard work!

We, in turn, are grateful to Elizabeth for completing the project and to Judy and Doug McDonald for providing the funding.