Xol Xol Merina School Latrine & Handwashing Station Project – Senegal

This project is made possible through the partnership of WATER CHARITY and the NATIONAL PEACE CORPS ASSOCIATION.


Xol Xol Merina, Linguere Region, Louga, Senegal

Community Description

Xol Xol Merina is a small, rural village served by a health hut and an elementary school.

Problem Addressed

The elementary school restrooms lack access to clean water for toilet flushing and hand washing.

Project Description

This project aims to equip the elementary school restrooms with faucets and build a staff restroom. The elementary school is already equipped with 8 student latrines. Currently, the latrines are unusable, as there is no nearby water source for cleaning, flushing, or handwashing. Instead, students practice open defecation, or use the restrooms without flushing or washing their hands. This increases the already high incidence of diarrheal diseases in the community, which greatly exacerbates existing malnutrition problems.
This project will install 5 working faucets outside the student restroom facilities and build a restroom for the staff complete with ceramic latrine and faucet. The faucets will be connected through piping to the school’s existing water line. The staff restroom will include a cement drainage system. The work will be completed by a skilled mason, who will construct bricks and the staff restroom, and a skilled plumber, who will attach the piping.

Water Charity funds will be used to pay the skilled laborers, purchase necessary materials, and transport them to Xol Xol. The community will contribute unskilled labor such as trench digging, carts of sand and gravel, water, and a previously agreed upon monetary amount.

The Peace Corps Volunteer and health staff will conduct health talks about proper handwashing and hygiene practices, and school staff will implement a rotating schedule of student groups to clean and maintain the new facilities.

Project Impact

This project will benefit 129 elementary school students and 4 staff members.

Peace Corps Volunteer Directing Project

Arju Nishimura

Monitoring and Maintenance

The École Élémentaire de Xol Xol Merina instigated the project and will help provide the community contribution. The school staff will implement a rotating schedule of cleaning teams to ensure the facilities are properly maintained.


The community will contribute to sand, gravel, water, labor, and a monetary amount. The structural renovations, combined with a series of educational health talks, will increase hygiene and sanitation practices and build community awareness about proper handwashing and restroom usage techniques.
This project is part of our ongoing Western Africa Water & Sanitation Program.

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This project has been finished.  To read about the conclusion, CLICK HERE.