Water Tank Program – Uganda

With the implementation of our 5th water tank project in Uganda (our 13th project overall in Uganda), we introduce our latest large-scale Water Charity program. Water Tank Program – Uganda will be a concentrated effort to raise funds for and implement an ongoing series of water storage tanks in the country.

The need for water storage capability in rural Uganda is huge, with only 55% of the population of the country having access to safe water. Often there is no public water source.

Water tanks represent an important tool in the arsenal to make safe water available to all. As part of a rainwater harvesting system, it allows water to be collected when available and stored for use as needed.

There are many different technologies than can be used to construct water tanks, and many factors to be considered in the choice in every situation. Cost, local materials available, skilled labor, and local preferences are but a few.  The majority of these projects are being done with a very impressive ISSB (soil bricks) lo-technology you can read about here: Interlocking Stabilized Soil Bricks Water Tank Program – Uganda

Water Charity has implemented many water tank projects in different countries of the world. In Uganda, with the start of our newest project, here are our accomplishments:

You can see how important water tanks are to the health and wellbeing of the population. Because of the high impact of such projects, in addition to the relative ease of implementation, we decided to engage in a focused fundraising campaign to continue to do projects of this type elsewhere in the country.

We will continue to build tanks as quickly as funding will allow. If you agree with our approach please give generously to program by clicking on the Donate button below. Your contributions, as always, are tax-deductible. 100% of all donations are applied directly to projects in the field.