Handwashing & Hygiene Initiative – COVID-19 Relief in Lome, Maritime, Togo

SV-TOGO team members based in the capital of Togo, Lome, have been hard at work to figure out cost-effective ways to provide relief during the Coronavirus outbreak to some of the hard-hit areas – notably under-funded hospitals and clinics around Lome. Coronavirus has prompted the closure of borders, putting those who relied on petty trade into financial distress. Trade centers like that of Lome are particularly hard hit by the combination of a viral pandemic and a sputtering local economy.

Benjamin Hannani and Faita Essofa are key players in Water Charity’s and SV-TOGO’s activities in Togo and in coming to the office multiple times a week, piloted a program which has us producing and distributing handsoap to the communities most in need. The rest of the SV-TOGO team has had the opportunity to get involved a few times a month by coming to the office and spending the day making soap from scratch. The soap is then bottled in Water Charity labelled bottles and distributed by team members who live all around the city – notably at hospitals and health-centers, as well as elementary schools and high schools who are really focusing on the importance of hand-washing and basic sanitary practices with their students as the Coronavirus continues to be the issue on everyone’s mind.  

This low-cost practice has given both SV-TOGO and Water Charity a great opportunity for more recognition around the capital city, and has allowed us the opportunity to shift focus and get involved on the frontlines, reducing costs for health centers already struggling for resources during these trying times.  

Please contribute to our Water for Everyone campaign so we can continue these crucial interventions.