Conclusion Report For Tento Malick Bah Village Solar Powered Water Project – The Gambia

The Tento Malick Bah community water project has been successfully completed. A 4.5-inch borehole was mechanically drilled at the depth of 55 meters, and a high-quality GRUNDFOS solar submersible pump capable of pumping 50,000 liters per day was installed, along with high-quality mono-crystalline solar panels. A fully braced 6-meter galvanized tower was built and a 2,000-liter triple-coated water storage tank was mounted on the tower.

Trenches were dug by the community as part of their manual labor contribution towards the project and pipes were laid from the water tower to three selected water points (taps) in the village. These three water points made water accessible and easier to reach by all villagers. All materials involved in the project were ensured to be of high-quality material considering the harsh environmental conditions around that area.

Additional pipe laying was done with thick pressure pipes and polyethylene pipes to provide an extra tap for a household living at the far end of the village and also catering to neighboring communities like Daru Mbaine, who will also benefit from the project.

Community members were valuable participants in driving the project to a successful completion. They dug all the trenches and assisted in the pipe laying. They took good care of the contractors, providing them with ample food.

The Alkalo (head of the village) extends his sincere thanks to Water Charity and Working Water Gambia for the successful project. He highlighted the tremendous benefit this water project has in the community, especially for women and girls. The head of the village development committee Mr. Sambujang Sow urged each household to be serious in paying a reasonable monthly token which will help in any future maintenance. He also urged the Community’s water management team to be steadfast and dedicated as usual and be ready to serve the community towards the sustainability of the project. In response, the community members promise to pay their monthly tokens toward the upkeep of the water system. They expressed their sincere thanks and profound happiness for the project.

The public health officer overseeing the village also expressed her gratitude for the project. She mentioned the numerous cases of diarrhea and other waterborne diseases she had to treat in the village. Most families went bankrupt due to their families being sick from bad water, she said. Fatou Saidy, a mother of 5 children, says she is overjoyed about the project and gives thanks to the donors. Kemo Fatajo, a Red Cross health volunteer said he will help in teaching and training the community with hygiene and water management issues, especially for women and girls, now that water can easily be accessed. Special thanks to Mark Wilson (RPCV)) and Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church for making this project a success.

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