Kiang East Handpump Repair and HandWashing Tour—The Gambia

In Kiang East, as in the rest of rural The Gambia, declining per capita food production has been a long-standing problem. This problem is compounded by a projected near-doubling of the country population. The situation is particularly worrisome in rural settlements where farmers have lost 25% of their purchasing power over the years due to low production, and average annual farm incomes are below GMD 5,000 ($100) per capita.

SARE BABOU MANOKANG N 13⁰ 24.709  W 015⁰ 39.189

Description of Project Community: Sare Babou Manokang is a Fula community of roughly 250 people who are largely dependent upon subsistence farming. This is the only water source in the entire village. They are currently relying on this one open well as its only source of drinking water.

Project Description: The project involves replacing the conversion head, the cylinder, security fencing, constructing a new concrete slap and concrete water trough.

SARE PATEH N 13⁰ 24.168   W 015⁰ 39.859

Description of Project Community: Sareh Pateh is a community of approximately 450 Fula tribe members who are largely dependent on subsistence farming. The water point in question is necessary to the community. Currently there is only one hand pump serving the entire community. This is insufficient for the size of the community, which suffers from a severe water shortage. Rehabilitating this one well will ease the water shortage in the community.

Project Description: The project involves replacing the cylinder, axle, bearings, and conversion head; we will add stainless steel pipes and a concrete water trough.

TORANKA BANTANG N 13⁰ 23.675   W 015⁰ 40.171

Description of Project Community: The village of Toranka Bantang Village is a Fula community made up of approximately 600 people who depend largely on subsistence farming. The community is currently relying on open wells, which have the potential to cause waterborne diseases. This rehabilitation work is necessary for the health of the community

Project Description: The project includes replacing the conversion head, axle, bearings, chain, and cylinder, and installing 8 stainless steel pipes and constructing a concrete water trough.

JALLOW KUNDA N 13⁰ 24.462  W 015⁰ 40.479

Description of Project Community: The village of Jallow Kunda is made up of roughly 150 Fula herdsmen who migrated from Northern Senegal about half a century ago. The community has only one hand pump, which barely works. The resulting water shortage is hitting the community hard.

Project Description: The project includes replacing the conversion head and the cylinder, and constructing a concrete water trough.

YORRO JULA N 13⁰ 24.744   W 015⁰ 39.522

Description of Project Community: With an estimated population of 150 people, the village of Yorro Jula is entirely dependent on one open well. According to the district health officer posted in Kaiaf Village, there have been some outbreaks of diarrhea and other water related health problems in the village, especially with children under 5 years old. The community is largely isolated due to the Fula tribal caste systems.

Project Description: The project involves dewatering the well, making a new concrete slab, mounting a brand-new German Mark 2 hand pump and installing a complete set of 8 stainless steel pipes.

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