Conclusion of Essau Senior Secondary School Water Project – The Gambia

This project has been completed on schedule and within budget under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Brian Sisco. To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

Brian reports:

After picking up the funds I met with the ESSS Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and along with a representative we went and purchased the pipes that we would need. We traveled by taxi with the pipes strapped to the top, across the river with the pipes on a canoe and had to be carried through the rest of the way to the coast, and finally to the school in a van again with the pipes strapped to the top.

Next, we had another PTA meeting (we do love meetings here) where we decided that we needed to contact a plumber and have him install the plumbing, at the cost of the school.

Once retained, the plumber worked quickly, and the project was finished within the week!

The project resulted in a piping system throughout the school, providing water to the administrator’s house, the toilets, and the science labs.

This great project benefits the 395 students that attend ESSS. Brian, who is completing his Peace Corps service, deserves our heartfelt thanks.

We are still seeking donations for this project, which will allow us to continue to fund projects in The Gambia. You can donate by visiting the project page and clicking on the Donate button.