Conclusion of Mahajoarivo Well Project – Madagascar

This project has been completed, with the successful construction of a well and enclosure, under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Cesar Murillo Lomeli . 

To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

We would like to thank Cesar once again for executing such a fine project.

Cesar Murillo Lomeli reports:

The water well for the community of Mahajoarivo has helped alleviate severe water shortages for a community of 211 Malagasy villagers. During the dry season, villagers are forced to fetch water from local rice fields that are used for animals grazing. As a result, community members often become ill- which forces them to spend what little disposable income they have treating these preventable illnesses. This cyclical occurrence is a major factor in the stagnation of the community. 

As a result of the water project, the community of Mahajoarivo has been trained on proper water handling techniques, sanitation, well construction and maintenance. Throughout the construction phase, community members actively participated and were trained on well maintenance techniques and well construction. In addition, the water committee-composed of community leaders, had the opportunity to guide the direction of the project by taking responsibility of the construction.

The community of Mahajoarivo now has access to clean, tested, drinking water 365 days a year. In addition: the community has been trained on water handling techniques, sanitation, well maintenance and well construction. Finally, this project has encouraged several community members to fill the shoes of community leaders by forming the water committee-whose responsibility is to oversee the maintenance of the well.  

1)  “Thank you respectfully, Water Charity”  (“Misaotra Tompoko, Water Charity”)
-Dera Rakotonarivo (community leader)

2)  “Water is now always available, thank you” (“ny rano disponible foana, misaotra”)
-Tovo Rakotomalala

3)  “Thank you, and God”  (“merci et dieu”)
– Celestine Malalarisoa

4)  “Thank you very much for all the support and commitment Water Charity has to the Malagasy people”  
-Cesar Murillo Lomeli-Peace Corps Volunteer