Thnot Chum Health Center Well Project – Cambodia

Thnot Chum 4, Thnot Chum Commune, Baray District, Kampong Thom Province, Cambodia

Community Description
Thnot Chum Health Center serves a population of over 10,000 people. It sits in a rural farming community and serves as the closest and only affordable health care option for a majority of the population. The local community is largely uneducated and lacks knowledge of basic hygienic practices.

Problem Addressed
There is currently a well located about 70 feet from the health center. However, the well and pump are damaged, and cannot be used. Water for drinking, sanitation, and hygiene must be carried in buckets for use in the sinks and bathrooms.

During deliveries, and for the 2 or 3 days while the mother and child remain for recovery, water is often inaccessible.

Thnot Chum Health Center Well Project - CambodiaProject Description
This project is to repair the well and pump system at Thnot Chum Health Center.

Water will be removed from the well, cracks inside the well will be repaired, and a coating of waterproof cement will be applied.

The outside runoff area will be replaced with new bricks and cement for effective runoff.

A cement cover will be built to protect the water in the well from contamination and to prevent mosquito breeding.

The pump will be replaced and new PVC piping will be installed.

The work will be done by experienced local construction workers with the assistance of health center staff.

Water Charity funds will pay for the pump, piping, cement, and other materials, as well as for the skilled labor.

Project Impact
1,000 people per year who visit the center will directly benefit from the project.

Peace Corps Volunteer Directing Project
The project will be directed by Peace Corps Volunteer Josephine Mahlie. She previously implemented the Thnot Chum Commune Well Project – Cambodia.

Monitoring and Maintenance
Health center staff will monitor and maintain the well. The water will be periodically tested for potability, and if it becomes contaminated, corrective measures, such as filtration, or chlorination will be applied.

The project will result in a ready supply of clean water for staff, patients, and families.

This project is being implemented as part of the Water Charity WHOLE WORLD Water Program – Cambodia. Donations to continue the overall program are being accepted on the program page.

This project has been funded by WHOLE WORLD Water.

This project has been finished.  To read about the conclusion of the project, CLICK HERE.

Thnot Chum Health Center Well Project - CambodiaThnot Chum Health Center Well Project - Cambodia

Thnot Chum Health Center Well Project - CambodiaThnot Chum Health Center Well Project - Cambodia