Training and Support Project – Mexico

This project is made possible through the partnership of WATER CHARITY and the National Peace Corps Association.
The implementation of our Training and Support Initiative broke new ground to enable Water Charity and the National Peace Corps Association to bring new and better water, sanitation, public health, and environmental projects into being.

During her service as a Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV), Elena Neibaur implemented the San José Xacxamayo Rainwater Catchment System Project – Mexico which resulted in the installation of 3 rainwater capture and storage systems and the installation of 20 water filtration systems.

Training and Support Project - Mexico

Peace Corps Mexico has scheduled a water workshop to be held from July 14 through July 17, 2015 in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. There will be about 20 PCVs and 20 counterparts, and the training will include site visits and technical training. The principal facilitators will be from the organizations CATIS-Mexico and Isla Urbana.

Elena has been invited to participate in the conference on behalf of Water Charity and the National Peace Corps Association. As a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV), she has the background, education, and experience to pass on to the serving volunteers many of the lessons she learned as a PCV.

While she is in Mexico, she will assist in the training of select serving PCVs in water technologies, helping them with the conceptualization and design of projects, and the application for funding by Water Charity and the National Peace Corps Association through the Peace Corps Partnership Program.

Upon her return home, Elena will offer to mentor and support remotely to those who request it.

We are thrilled at the prospect of carrying out this groundbreaking model, involving RPCVs helping serve PCVs. It will generate a greater flow of projects that deliver needed water and sanitation facilities to communities in Mexico.

The project exemplifies the fact that we are one Peace Corps Community, working together for the common good.

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This project has been completed.  To read about the conclusion, CLICK HERE.


Training and Support Project - MexicoTraining and Support Project - Mexico