Call To Nature Seed Preservation & Permaculture Well Project – Ghana


Call To Nature’s mission is to care for the Earth, care for people, and share valuable resources by implementing permaculture principles, through farming, heirloom seed saving, and providing hands-on training related to the importance of the use of permaculture in sustaining the environment and by creating a culture that is inspired by natural ways to produce seeds and food that will resolve food instability. Their business is one of the best in heirloom seed production in Africa and the first of its kind in Ghana. The business relies on unique methods designed with nature in mind, through farming and the production of high-quality seeds and food that will eventually lead to the end of food insecurity in many parts of the continent of Africa, and other areas around the world.

The project has grown from just school gardening and tree planting and from 4 acres piece of land to 17 acres.5 years ago, they began collecting and reviving heirloom seeds across the world for our newly constructed seed bank in order to help resolve the issue of food insecurity and to tell all the beautiful stories around them from the origin, name source, and use. Their seed collection is not only focusing on food but also on plant species that help protect the environment, especially species that help protect water bodies and species when intercrop retains moisture content in the soil, so farmers can use less water for farming. The operations are currently facing a huge water challenge on site and therefore presenting their request to Water Charity for support.


This project is to construct an 80-meter-deep borehole that will serve the seed bank, seed lab, germ center, and the seed processing unit. A 2 inches PVC pipe will be running 150 meters away from the borehole connecting to the lab, seed bank, and the germination center. A 2 separate 5000L water tank will be installed on an erected concrete platform, one near the seed bank and the other at the seed lab/germination center. This system is going to be powered by a 3HP submersible pump for an efficient water supply into the water tank placed on an erected 20 feet concrete platform.


This is going to serve the entire world with no limitations.

Project Administration

This project will be implemented under the supervision and direction of Solomon Amuzu, C.E.O / owner of Call To Nature Permaculture Ghana.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Once the project is completed it will be fully managed and maintained by Call To Nature team.

PROJECT COST / Breakdown

Borehole drilling: 1100 USD

Pump: 500 USD

Water tank x 2 (5000L): 1000 USD

Pipes/fittings: 350 USD

Labor cost: 300 USD

Transportation: 100 USD 

Concrete work: 510 USD

Miscellaneous and other costs: 200 USD


Water Charity appreciates any and all donations to this project and our overall work. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent possible where you live. Put the project or program name in the notes if you want all your money to go to this project or program.

To read about the Water Charity & Call To Nature Seedreservation & Permaculture Program, Click Here.