Conclusion of Umbulsari Toilet Project – Indonesia

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Blake M. Ingram.

To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to provide 10 families with 7 toilets and water closets.

Blake reports:

The sanitation project in Umbulsari Village, Jember District, East Java Province, Indonesia has been completed successfully.

Due to a surplus in funds, we were able to reach 16 kks (kepala keluarga) or 16 head of families bringing our total of people directly affected to over 40.

Completion of the project proceeded as planned under the direction of Pak Lukius, from the local health clinic, who supervised the designing and construction of the project. Purchasing of material was taken care of by Pak Lukius and Pak Yusak Hariyanto, a local preacher.

The unskilled labor for the project, including prepping the site for the cement foundation and hauling building materials, was volunteered and performed by members of the community. A big thank you to those who volunteers enabling us to stretch our funds to reach more than anticipated.

Construction was completed by Umbulsari residents. The skilled workers poured, set, and sealed the concrete foundations as well as built draining systems. The concrete served as a foundation for the toilets and as septic tanks ensuring proper disposal. Each toilet included two drains which were set 10 meters away from any water supply.

Many village residents will benefit directly from this project by better protecting their water from contamination, ultimately reducing illness.

Thanks go out from the residents in Umbulsari, the Puskesmas, the families affected, and from me, to Water Charity for their support to make this sanitation project a reality.

We are grateful to Blake for completing this project. We are still seeking donations.