Taraclia Pump Project – Moldova

This project is made possible through the partnership of WATER CHARITY and the NATIONAL PEACE CORPS ASSOCIATION.

Location of project:

Taraclia, Taraclia district, Moldova

Description of project community:Taraclia Pump Project - Moldova

Taraclia is a town in the south of the Republic of Moldova with a population of about 13,500. The southern region of the country is more arid and experiences more severe droughts than the northern part of the country. Thus, Taraclia’s geographical location affects its water supply level, especially during the summer. In addition, the town’s water quality is below standard levels.

Description of problem:

Lack of consistency/security in town’s water supply; large recurring costs for Apa Canal to replace pumps.

More than half of Taraclia’s water supply is pumped from three subterranean wells in the town. The biggest amount of water is pumped from well #2 (about 540 m3/day). The low quality equipment used to pump water must be changed about once or twice a year because “Apa Canal,” the only water supplier in Taraclia, does not have sufficient funds to purchase a modern pump let alone all the related piping.

Detailed Project Description:

Taraclia PumpThe modern pump will reduce the risk of water blockages and ensure the population’s access to water all year round. The installation process will take an estimated 8 hours over one or two days preferably in March 2015.
After the project is approved, the Director of the water supplier company will order the pump from the supplying organization. The Director will fill out a pre-modern pump survey that explains the details of the current situation and how the water supply is frequently interrupted due to low-quality equipment. After a month, the pump will be brought to the town and installed over the next 1 to 3 days. Upgrading the related piping will take more time.
The pump will be installed 100 meters below the ground’s surface by well #2 near the town’s prison. When the modern pump is installed, two of the three wells will be closed and water will only be pumped from well #2, which supplies the largest amount of water of the three wells. If it turns out that well #2 alone does not supply a sufficient amount of water, then the other two wells will be connected, as well.
During the pump’s installation, local TV journalists will be invited to make a news report on the project. There will be a 6-month post-installation survey, which will include calculate saved costs, updates on pump’s energy efficiency; measure how much water is being pumped into town, etc. There will also be a follow-up survey after one year. These surveys will be written by and distributed by the PCV and the Energy Manager and completed  by the Director of Apa Canal. The pump will be monitored every 6 months to ensure that it is functioning properly.Taraclia Pump

Project Impact:

13,500 people will have reliable and continuous access to water due to this project.

The installation of a modern pump will reduce possibility of water supply blockage and ensure that people have access to water. The high-quality modern pump will eliminate the need to change or replace equipment up to two times per year and reduce Apa Canal’s expenditures and alleviate the company’s cost burden. Lastly, a modern pump, with an 8 to 10-year lifespan, will not require repairs or maintenance during this time.

Peace Corps Volunteer Directing Project:

Miki Lendenmann, member of National Peace Corps Association

Monitoring and Maintenance:

The Director of the water supply company will be responsible for its installation, and city council’s Energy Manager and the Peace Corps Volunteer will help oversee the project. After the pump is installed, the Director of the water supplier will host a Q&A discussion about the problems with the water supply on an online local TV show, NTS. The Director will inform the public about the project and how it will make progress in improving the town’s water supply. Furthermore, people will be able to call in  questions or concerns about the project or the water supply in general.


     Capacity Building
      For the educational component, there will be an online discussion about the project and the town’s water supply on a local TV show, NTS. The Director of the company will inform the public about the modern pump project and have a Q&A about the company’s progress in improving the Taraclia Pumpefficiency and security of the town’s water supply. People will be able to call in with questions and concerns about the water supply. Moreover, the implementation of  new technologies will help improve the knowledge and skills of the company’s staff because they will learn how to work with modern equipment.
      The installation of a modern water pump in and of itself is not sustainable because eventually the water pump will require maintenance and repairs. However, the modern pump will be more cost effective for the water supplier and a more sustainable method of supplying water to the town than the current status quo. Currently, pumps are changed about once or twice per year and during this time wells are cleaned due to silting. This temporarily interrupts the water supply in various parts of the town. The expected lifespan of a modern pump, in contrast, is about 8 to 10 years, meaning that pumps will not need to be changed, wells will not need to cleaned, and therefore, the water supply will not be interrupted during this time. The water supplier company will be responsible for any and all necessary repairs.

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