Conclusion of Svetlii School Bathroom Project – Moldova

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Natalie Rooks.

To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to replace eroded piping and install new fixtures in the bathroom at the school.

Natalie reports:

The Svetlii School Bathroom Project aimed at providing working indoor bathrooms and handwashing stations for 320 students and 50 staff members and teachers. By the end of the school year the project was completed and students and teachers are now able to use the bathrooms indoors.

The new bathrooms include porcelain toilets, new sinks and completely new facilities. The bathrooms are located on the first floor of the school with access for all students, with separate rooms for boys, girls and teachers.

The project was concerned with having better access to bathroom facilities during the school year, especially in the winter, and with increased sanitation or hand washing.

Before the project was started, the students at the Svetlii Lyceum conducted a survey that found that most students were not washing their hands after using the bathroom. The learning component of the project focused on increased hand washing in the school, which will hopefully show a decrease in student illnesses during the school year.

Since the project has been completed students have been able to use the indoor bathrooms and have been instructed in good hand washing techniques. Teachers in the school have also made sure to ask the students if they washed their hands after using the bathroom to reinforce good hand washing habits.

The Water Charity funding paid for the sinks, fixtures, and materials. The rest of the project was funded through various sources but could not have been completed without the help of Water Charity.

We are grateful to Natalie, and to Carolyn Mousseau, the Peace Corps Volunteer who took over the project after Natalie left, for completing the project.