Conclusion of Sunsulaca Water System Project – El Salvador WC

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Elsa Augustine. To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

This project was to build a new water tank for the communities of El Tablon, Los Fuentes and Agua Zarca in the town of Sunsulaca.

Elsa reports:

I am happy to let you know that with the help of Water Charity, the Proyecto Comunitario de Agua Potable (Community Potable Water Project) of Sunsulaca has completed their project goal of constructing a new water tank to provide running, potable water to the entire community of Sunsulaca, Cacaopera, Morazán, El Salvador.

Construction on the project started in early October, after receiving various donations of materials, and Water Charity funds to purchase the rest the materials. A skilled contractor was hired to direct the community members who provided the labor.

A group of men from the community met daily to work under direction of the contractor, quickly constructing a 186-barrel water tank. They also built a retaining wall, which will protect against future erosion.

The entire community is now receiving sanitary, potable water in 3-hour periods per sector every day from the new tank.

The directive of the water committee has asked me to convey their great appreciation and gratitude to Water Charity for the support they lent to this project. Water Charity funds allowed this community to quickly and efficiently complete the construction of this tank, a project that they have been trying to accomplish since 2011, but had never been able to accomplish, due to lack of funds. Now, all of Sunsulaca has potable drinking water readily available in their homes!

We are extremely grateful to Elsa for completing this important project, and again wish to thank Debbi Kerr and Charles Augustine for providing the funding.

Conclusion of Sunsulaca Water System Project - El SalvadorConclusion of Sunsulaca Water System Project - El Salvador