Stara Volyn Training Center Water Project – Ukraine

This project was made possible through the partnership of WATER CHARITY and the NATIONAL PEACE CORPS ASSOCIATION.


Hrytsiv, Shepetivka Rayon, Khmelnytsky Oblast, Ukraine

Community Description
Hrytsiv is a picturesque rural community of about 5,000 people, located in the center of the Khmelnytsky oblast in western Ukraine. Most villagers farm or at least have large gardens in order to produce the majority of their food requirements.

Because of its progressive community leadership, Hrytsiv has emerged as a model community for developing sustainable rural communities. Its five-year community plan addresses critical challenges faced by rural communities, particularly issues of water, sanitation, unemployment, youth development and the promotion of healthy lifestyles.

For more than 10 years, the NGO Foundation for Sustainable Development, Stara Volyn has provided a leadership role in the Hrystiv community and in training rural community leaders throughout the Kghmelnytsky oblast.

The community recognizes the need for a training center, and Stara Volyn is currently in the process of renovating an apartment, that has been donated by its owners, that will house the training center.

The water supply and drainage system are currently inoperable because of faulty plumbing and sewage problems.

For the comfort of trainers and attendees, it is essential that the apartment have properly functioning toilet and water facilities. Although the training center is located near the village center, the only other toilet facilities available are outdoor toilets located a block away from the apartment.

Project Description
This project will rebuild the Stara Volyn training center water supply and drainage system.

Water Charity funds will be applied to materials, equipment, and installation specialists’ labor that are directly related to fixing existing water and sanitation problems.

The apartment’s old iron drain pipes, faulty toilet, bathtub, kitchen sink and bathroom wash basin will be removed. As part of the process, the kitchen, bathroom and corridor walls and floors will be torn up, as will the current damaged door. New flooring, walls, door, plastic drain pipes, toilet, kitchen sink, shower and bathroom wash basin will be installed.

Community donations of approximately $500 U.S. have already been collected for the project.

Volunteers have completed most of the apartment tear-down and will continue to contribute the majority of labor required to complete the project.

Project Impact
At least 240 people will benefit annually from the project, consisting of 15 attendees plus 5 trainers and staff at monthly seminars.

Peace Corps Volunteer Liaison
Gerri Schultz

The renovation of the physical facilities is essential for the local NGO to be able to provide needed services. The project will restore water to the kitchen and bathroom, greatly enhancing the program and adding to the health and wellbeing of all who participate.

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