St. Joseph’s Girls School Water Project – Kenya

Kakrigu, Mbita Township, Rusinga Island, Homa Bay County, Nyanza Province, Kenya

Community Description
The project is located on Rusinga Island close to St. Joseph’s Girls School (St. Joseph’s). It comprises the shamba ( small subsistence farm for growing crops and fruit-bearing trees) owned and being brought into cultivation by St. Joseph’s and the Waware Secondary Mixed Day School (Waware) principals.

The St. Joseph’s Girls School Shamba Project was initiated to grow vegetables to support the students at St. Joseph’s and Waware. Revenue from produce sold will be used to pay the school fees of “rescue children” at both schools.

“Rescue children” are students who are orphaned and/or would not be able to stay in school because of a lack of fees.

Project Description
This project is to build a water system to irrigate the crops.

The project consists of the purchase of a 2,500 Liter water tank and fittings, along with several lengths of perforated hose pipe that will create a drip irrigation system for a year-round supply of water.

The water tank will replace a decrepit and leaking metal tank that does not have outlet fixtures.

The existing platform is made of wood (8 x 8 supports). The frame is functional and will be reinforced and utilized, resulting in considerable savings.

The tank will be placed on the platform. A 4-way adaptor will allow for 4 hoses to be controlled from a central source. Two 50-meter perforated pipes will be used, and rotated to water all of the plots.

The water to fill the tank comes from Lake Victoria. St. Joseph’s has a small pump that will be used to fill the tank. The crops can then be irrigated as a whole in a gentle manner by the perforated soaker hose.

The placement of the tank and the attachment of the fixtures will be done by the St. Joseph’s craftsmen, paid for by the school. The students will manage the filling of the tank and the irrigation of the crops. This work will be supervised by the agriculture faculty, the headmaster, and the support staff.

Water Charity funds will be used directly for the tank, fittings, four-hose adapter, and perforated soaker hose.

Project Impact
580 people will benefit from the project, including 350 students and 20 teachers at Waware, 150 students and 10 teachers at St. Joseph’s, and 50 “rescue children”.

Peace Corps Volunteer Directing Project
Dave Rowson

A small outlay for the tank and hosing results in huge rewards for a large number of vulnerable and needy students.

Dave previously completed the Waware Mixed Day Secondary School Rainwater Harvesting Project – Kenya.

Dollar Amount of Project

Donations Collected to Date

Dollar Amount Needed
$0.00 – This project has been fully funded, through the generosity of Michael and Carla Boyle, of Nelsonville, OH, USA.

This project has been finished. To read about the conclusion of the project, CLICK HERE.