Conclusion of St. Clement Secondary School Handwashing Station Project – Kenya

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Tyler Kight.

To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to construct 5 handwashing stations at the school.

Tyler reports:

The project has been completed.

We had to change a few of our original intentions due to engineering difficulties that came up in the process of procuring materials and consulting with plumbers. Instead of five 20-Litre tanks, we used four 50-Litre tanks for the resulting handwashing station.

A flexible steel rebar was used in combination with additional concrete to fully support the tanks. My concern was for the sustainability of the project, so I decided this addition was appropriate to ensure the tanks would not fall or become damaged due to frequent usage.

The biggest challenge came in finding reliable, professional labor, which was thankfully found through a connection with the school principal. There was more plumbing work needed than anticipated, but all of the work has been completed and I am happy to see the final result.

The water taps have been built into the cement to discourage theft and to weather out extended use, and the tanks themselves are supported sufficiently for many years to come.

The students and staff of the school have all expressed a great deal of gratitude and enthusiasm for this project, as before this they would either not wash their hands or have someone pour water with a pitcher.

Now I have to work to ensure the school purchases regular soap for this. Unfortunately, economic conditions are such that teachers have not been paid and there is a shortage of food for the students.

Thank you for the support!

We are grateful to Tyler for completing this project. We are still accepting donations.