Conclusion of Shatsk Forest College Water Project – Ukraine

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Jay Pusey.

To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to renovate the water supply and drainage system at the college by replacing the pipes, water filters, and faucets.

Jay reports:

The first step was to remove all walls, pipes, sinks and flooring which were broken, old, and moldy. After, the supplies were purchased with the project funds, the walls and floors where then refinished and sealed to prevent future mold.

The second step was to install new sinks and pipes, which have immediately prevented leaks and overflowing waste water. The school contributed all the labor and additional supplies costs required to complete the project.

The students are excited to have a clean place from which to now take water and wash. Thanks to the support of this project, the school is looking at their own resources to improve future water-related infrastructure.

We wish to thank Jay for completing this project, and again extend our gratitude to The Soneva SLOW LIFE Trust for providing the funding.