Sare Gueladio Health Hut Water Project – Senegal

This project is made possible through the partnership of Water Charity and the National Peace Corps Association.

Sare Gueladio, Medina Yoro Foulah District, Kolda Region, Senegal

Community Description
Sare Gueladio is a rural village of about 400 people.  Almost all residents of Sare Gueladio and the surrounding villages are subsistence farmers.  The village is located about 7 kilometers from the regional capital, Kolda, in the south of Senegal.  Only about 15% of the residents are adults and more than a quarter of the residents are children under 10.  During certain months, prior to the rainy season and immediately after, most people are occupied with planting, maintenance, and harvesting in their fields.

In the village, there is a community-operated health structure called a Case de Sant√© (Health Hut).  Some of the most prevalent health problems in the area are malaria, diarrheal diseases, and respiratory infections.  Testing and treatment for these diseases are usually available at the Health Hut.  Pre-natal visits and deliveries are also conducted at the Hut.  Community health workers who operate the Health Hut are also responsible for conducting outreach and prevention activities.  The health workers that operate the Health Hut and other leaders in the community are extremely passionate about improving the health of their families and neighbors.  They are motivated and extremely hard working when it comes to community improvement opportunities.

Problem Addressed
The current problem that exists at the Health Hut is a lack of available, potable water.  The cleanest water that is readily available in the village comes from a well that is substantially far away from the Health Hut and needs to be transported by bike or on foot.  This poses a myriad of challenges for sanitation and health at the facility.  Patients and health workers are at risk for dehydration and other illnesses caused by unhygienic conditions. Also missing is a sanitary latrine for patients and care providers to use while waiting or receiving treatment at the Health Hut.

Project Description
Currently, there is a water tower, or forage, in Sare Gueladio.  The forage was financed by a foreign NGO with support from the Senegalese Government.  Unfortunately, right now, there are only two faucets connecting the forage to the rest of the village. This project would finance the installation of a third faucet and the building of an improved, ventilated latrine on the grounds of the Health Hut.

Villagers will dig a shallow trench of about 100 meters connecting the faucet location at the health hut to the main pipeline that feeds the previously installed faucets.  We will then hire a plumber from the Senegalese Department of Water who has previously conducted installations in this village, to bring the necessary materials and equipment and install a new faucet. The residents of the village will also dig a pit that will serve as the septic tank for a ventilated latrine. Once the faucet is installed and there is a convenient source of water, we will hire a local mason to line the pit with bricks, cover and ventilate it, and connect it to a toilet seat.

Water Charity funds will pay for the purchase of the majority of materials and labor.  The community will contribute in the form of labor and cash raised from the people in Sare Gueladio and the surrounding villages that use the services of the Health Hut.

Project Impact
Roughly 1,000 people live in the villages that commonly use the Health Hut.

Peace Corps Volunteer Directing Project
Nathan Rehr

Monitoring and Maintenance
The infrastructure being installed will need to be monitored and maintained by the Sare Gueladio Health Committee.  They will also be responsible for coordinating with the village chief and other groups to pay the water bill.

Community members’ lack of clean water was recently highlighted by as a major problem that discourages people from using the Health Hut in the village.  This clean water project will not only increase health benefits for people coming to the Health Hut but will also increase the credibility of the health workers there and encourage greater usage of the health facility.

The Sare Gueladio Health Committee is contributing project management and coordination of the project.

This project has been fully funded by an anonymous donor.

This project has been completed.  To see the results, CLICK HERE.