Conclusion of Sanankoro Well Project – Senegal

The well project in Sanankoro has been completed. To read about the start of the project, CLICK HERE.

Peace Corps Volunteer Kimberly Boland reports:

The well is approximately 15 meters deep and provides water to six immediate households with approximately 30 people in the area. It benefits the rest of the village as well by reducing wait time at other water sources.

The well was dug by hand by an experienced team, reinforced with rebar, and lined with cement.

The new well will allow for village expansion. Femba Keita, Sanankoro’s chief, informed me that at least two families would begin building homes after the rains finished. The well is a source of water for families that used to have to walk great distances to obtain water.

After completion of the well, Sanankoro gathered to bless the new well and pray for its longevity. Omar Diallo, who assisted with digging, has taken on maintenance duties.

Kimberly has since completed her Peace Corps service. We thank her for directing this great project, and wish her the best.