Conclusion of Rehoboth Children’s Home Water Project – Philippines

This project has been completed under the technical direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Leah Ferrebee.

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The project was for the construction of a well at the Rehoboth Children’s Home, Inc. (RCHI), to be used as a source of potable water, and to supply the garden area with a needed independent water supply for irrigation.

Leah reports:

The well is finished at last! RCHI residents, staff, and neighbors have finished the very difficult job of digging a 55 foot well.

Unforeseen environmental conditions forced local contractors to deviate from the project plan. Two companies attempted to drill the well in multiple locations, but were not successful because, at deeper levels, the soil was extremely stony and the drills did not work.

In an effort to keep costs to a minimum, over 20 concerned RCHI community members optimistically worked together to chisel stone and mud while others hoisted full buckets up and out of the deepening hole. They repeated this process for weeks between school schedules until the well reached a depth of 55 feet. Luckily, RCHI had assistance from an experienced neighbor.

Local contractors returned to install the metal pipes and hand pump that will give RCHI access to year round, clean and potable water.

Finally, more RCHI community members including men, women, boys and girls, worked to finish the well which included shoveling soil back into the well opening.

Leah further reported:

Spirits are high. The land is prepared and there is a lot of excitement about our organic garden and related activities. As the residents discuss crop selection, the staff at RCHI will encourage the residents to plant vegetables that can be used to prepare nutritious meals and snacks at the center.

July is nutrition month in the Philippines. Each group is responsible for cooking nutritious meals for their RCHI community members using produce harvested in their garden. Community members will be invited to observe our demonstrations and tour the gardens.

Leah expressed the gratitude of the community for the support they received for the installation of the well. The project is certain to have a big impact on the ability of RCHI to provide for the needs of its residents.

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