Picos Village Ferro-Cement Tank and Rainwater Catchment Project – Brazil

Picos Village Ferro-Cement Tank and Rainwater Catchment Project – BrazilThis project is to build a rainwater catchment and storage system in Picos Village, Itiúba City, Bahia, Brazil.

Itiúba is a town of about 10,000 people in the state of Bahia in the North-East region of Brazil.

Picos Village has over 106 families, comprised of 450 inhabitants. It suffers from a lack of an adequate water supply, especially during the dry season.

The project will be implemented by Instituto Diamante Verde (IDV) under the direction of Rosângela Araújo, Vice President. Under Rosângela’s direction, IDV previously completed the Gregorio Ferro-Cement Tank and Rainwater Catchment Project – Brazil and the Ponta Baixa Ferro-Cement Tank and Rainwater Catchment Project – Brazil.

IDV is an active nonprofit in the region, having completed a total of 9 rainwater catchment systems. In addition, they have engaged in a number of educational, environmental, social service, business generation, and cultural programs. They also participated in the construction of a school, road improvement, and a new health post.

The Colégio Estadual Agrário Soares de Araújo, located in Picos Village, serves over 160 children, youth, and adults in three shifts morning, afternoon and evening. It suffers from extreme water shortage in trying to satisfy the needs of the students and staff for drinking, cooking, sanitation, as well as gardening, especially during the dry season.

This project is to construct two ferro-cement water tanks for rainwater collection, each with 30,000-liter capacity.

The area for the tanks will be cleared, and steel frames erected. Pre-molded concrete plates will be fabricated, fitted, and cemented in place. Additional layers of cement will seal and finish the tanks.

Gutters will be fabricated and attached to the school building. Piping will connect the gutters to the two tanks.

The skilled workers who successfully completed the two prior projects will again be responsible for the implementation of this project. It is anticipated that the construction of the tanks will take two weeks.

Water Charity funds will be used to purchase the materials, including cement, sand, rebar, sealant, pipe, fittings and fixtures, wire, zinc sheeting, and wood. The money will also be used to pay for the skilled labor.

Because of the emergency need to immediately begin to collect rainwater during the current rainy season, IDV has raised sufficient funds to start the project. They have already bought the materials, and starting the digging, with machinery procured from the municipality.

Chlorine will be provided for maintenance by the municipality. IDV will provide a seminar on the maintenance of the system and various public health subjects.

Picos Village Ferro-Cement Tank and Rainwater Catchment Project – Brazil

The project will provide an ample supply of safe water for all of the needs of the 160 people attending classes at the school.

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This project has been finished. To read about the conclusion of the project, CLICK HERE.