Conclusion of Pagal Elementary School Water Tank Project – Philippines

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Steven Klimberg.

To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to provide a water tank for Pagal Elementary School and Day Care Center.

Following is Steven’s report:

The installation of a Water Tank for Pagal Elementary School was accomplished through the joint efforts of the undersigned, the Rotary Club of La Trinidad, the Barangay Officials of Shilan, the Parent-Teachers Association and the principal and teachers of Pagal Elementary School.

Following are the series of events and activities that led to the completion of the project:

Initial Meeting
Upon receipt of funds for the approved Water Tank Project for Pagal Elementary School, undersigned called a meeting attended by members of the Rotary Club of La Trinidad (President Fidel Demot, Rtn. Jeremy Ramos and Rtn. Delia Abalos), the Barangay Chairman of Shilan (Mr. Mariano Caluza), officers of the Parent-Teachers Association and the principal of Pagal Elementary School (Ms. Thelma Lapniten).

Result of discussions and agreements during the meeting were as follows:

  • The water will be sourced out from the nearby watershed; water will be hosed from the source to the school
  • The La Trinidad Municipal Engineering Office will be requested to come up with the design of the base of the tank
  • The members of the Rotary Club will be responsible in the purchase and delivery of the water tank
  • The members of the Parent-Teachers Association will provide free labor in the implementation of the project

Completion of Project Design
The Department head and staff of the Municipal Engineering Office conducted an ocular visit of the project site and conducted consultation meetings with the barangay officials and the school teachers regarding the source of water and the location of the water tank from which they based the preparation of the design of the project.

Purchase and Delivery of the Water Tank and Other Needed Project Materials
The members of the Rotary Club of La Trinidad facilitated the purchase and delivery of the Water Tank (specifications: 72 inches height, 48 inches diameter, capacity of 1,700 liters or 450 gallons) and materials to be used in the installation of the water tank.

Actual Project Implementation
The officers and members of the Parent-Teachers Association joined hands in the completion of the project with the following:

  • Site leveling and preparation
  • concreting of the base / area where the tank will be located
  • fabrication of the still frame for the water tank
  • installation of the water tank
  • installation of the pipes from the water source

The Rotary Club members assisted and provided the meals and snacks of those who worked on the project.

Community Impression
The school children, officers and members of the Parent Teachers Association and the Principal, teachers and staff of Pagal Elementary School extend their heartfelt gratitude for the project.

For many years, water supply has been a major problem and concern for the school. During the rainy season, the school collected rain water for their use particularly in the cleaning and maintenance of the comfort rooms. During the dry season, the school children take turns in fetching water from their houses or where water is available as even the households have difficulties accessing water.

Principal Thelma Lapniten acknowledged that the availability of water from the tank is a great relief to the school, especially to the school children, because now they can spend more time in studying and not anymore be burdened with a schedule to fetch water.

Steven Klimberg

We at Water Charity are grateful to Steven for completing this important project, his third in partnership with Water Charity. We are still seeking donations to provide us with funds to continue to assist Peace Corps Volunteers with projects in the Philippines.