Conclusion of Ntobroso Borehole Project – Ghana

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Nana Kudjoe Kesse, of H2O Africa Care, in coordination with Solomon Amuzu, of Call to Nature Permaculture. To read about the start of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was designed to build a borehole to supply water for the people of Ntobroso.

Nana reports:

Bringing you the happiest news ever from Ntobroso community, as they have clean and accessible water for the first time.

The project was to provide clean and accessible drinking water (borehole) for 1,100 people at Ntobroso community in the Brong Ahafo Region.

The project started by contract awarding to LEE YOUNG drilling company. H2O Africa then informed the community in setting a date meeting together with the drilling company in deciding a location for the borehole.

We had to walk in various areas in the community to find a suitable location. We finally agreed on a point close to the basic school where enough groundwater identified by the drilling company with the aid of a groundwater detector.

Chiefs and elders of the community then prayed and poured a libation to ask permission from ancestors for the project to begin.

The drilling company then started the process, and within 40 hours they had hit the water table at a depth of 75 m.

The base of the drilled area was then cemented and a hand pump installed for a full functioning borehole. The community then came into an agreement, outside the initial plan, and contributed extra money towards a concrete sand filter and paint.

The concrete tank filter is in three sections. The first section was filled with fine stones, second filled with stones and sand and the third one filled with sand, stones, and charcoal. The idea behind this is to store pumped water in the tank as well filtering any unwanted particles that might contaminate the water.

Attached to the tank is a tap where water can be fetched. All metal parts of the resource were painted with anti-rust and concrete parts painted with emulsion to provide protection and beautification.

After all the elders of the community were informed about the project conclusion, they came over for a look and tasting of the water. Few kids disappeared from class to the scene singing praise songs for such a great achievement in the village for the first time.

Below are some comments raised by the people from the village:

“We are grateful to H2O Africa and Water Charity for providing us with this life-changing facility and we hope to see same in the other suffering villages around us, by chief Adjei”

“We pledge to provide good care for this resource, by Emmanuel school kid”

“We have been saved. I don’t need to walk long for water again before school. No more lateness”

“This is a true definition of a torching heart, God bless anyone who has a hand in this project, by the youth organizer”

We extend our thanks to Nana for completing this important project, and to Solomon, for stepping in to provide mentorship to a new provider.