Conclusion of Nkwini Rainwater Catchment Project – Tanzania

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Katie Kirkwood. To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to build two Ferro-cement rainwater catchment tanks of 30,000 liters each, one at the primary school and the other at the clinic in town.

A summary of Katie’s report is as follows:

The subvillage of Nkwini has successfully completed the construction of two 30,000- liter rainwater harvesting tanks. The project was designed by Nkwini’s Rainwater Harvesting Committee to alleviate some of the effects of longer dry seasons and unpredictable droughts, as well as to increase available sources of water in the community, discouraging dependence and depletion of one. This project has benefited all 495 residents.

The masons of the community successfully learned how to construct a 30,000 liter water ferro-cement storage tank. The first was a ‘learning’ tank, which was supervised by a specialist, who instructed local masons. The second tank was built by the local masons themselves, with the specialist checking up on the progress and quality. Both tanks were successful.

The work progressed successfully through each stage of procuring materials, teaching how to construct a ferro-cement rainwater catchment tank, and lastly the construction of one led by the local masons.

The project ran under budget, and after approval, the committee allocated funds to finishing two badly-needed projects for the local primary school. The first was to fix the school desks that were in severe disrepair, often breaking down when the children were sitting in them. The second was to finish the school bathrooms so the students would no longer have to return home if they wanted to use the restroom. All of these projects were completed with the assistance of the local masons.

Nkwini residents are very pleased with the projects. The tanks have become an essential part of the water system in the subvillage.

We are grateful to Katie for completing this excellent project.