Njinikom Water Catchment Protection Project – Cameroon

Njinikom, Boyo Division, North West Region, Cameroon

Community Description
Njinikom is in the North West region of Cameroon about an hour and a half outside of the regional capital, Bamenda.

There are two catchments on Boyo Hill that provide community water to a number of areas and locations of Njinikom, including Bochain, Atukone, Anteinilah, Isailah, the Catholic Hospital, and a girls’ boarding school, Maria Gority. The catchments were built in 2010 by the community using funds from their development association.

About 10 years ago some individuals planted a bunch of eucalyptus trees on the hill near the catchment. Since these trees use a lot of water, and are therefore bad to have in the catchment area, the community removed those trees this last year.

There is an issue of erosion around the catchment area, especially since that area was used for farming before the two catchments were built.

The community has determined that planting the right trees there will raise the water table and ensure that there will be enough water to provide for the growing population in Njinikom.

Last year the community managed to raise money to plant 1,000 trees. They are hoping in the next two years to be able to plant a total of 10,000 trees to protect their water supply.

Problem Addressed
There is an inadequate supply of community water in Njinikom, especially during the dry season. The hill (Boyo) that the water catchments are on doesn’t have many environmentally-friendly trees to keep the water table high.

Project Description
The project is to plant an additional 1,000 environmentally-friendly trees in the water catchment area on Boyo Hill in Njinikom.

The trees will reduce erosion, which fouls the water source. They will also provide a canopy of shade around the catchment area to capture the rainwater and prevent the sun from drying up the soil during the dry season.

The project will be implemented under the direction of the Njinikom Municipal Council. The work will be headed up by Chia Lawrence, who has been planting trees in Cameroon for 25 years and has gathered a great group of individuals to assist him in this effort.

Water Charity funds will be used to purchase 750 Prunus Africana trees and 250 Augusti Sima trees.

Members of the community will provide all of the labor for the project. They will transport the seedlings to the planting site, as well as to do all of the digging, pegging, and planting of the trees. They will also watch over the trees and ensure their healthy growth once planted.

Project Impact
5,000 people who rely on water from the two catchments will benefit from the project.

Peace Corps Volunteer Directing Project
Kristin Field

This is a unique project to protect the water catchments that serve a large number of people, thus ensuring an adequate water supply. It uses the appropriate technology under the circumstances and is cost-effective and environmentally beneficial.

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This project has been finished. To read about the conclusion of the project, CLICK HERE.