Conclusion of Nemba Health Center Septic Tank Project – Rwanda

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Ahmed Naguib.

To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to alleviate the health risk from lack of sanitation by building a septic tank for waste water at the health center.

Ahmed reports:

Nemba health center is one of 19 health centers in the district of Gakenke in the Northwest side of Rwanda. It serves a catchment area of about 39,000 people. The majority of patient services provided are for maternity care and pediatric services. The health center also runs a clinical laboratory and pharmacy services.

For long time, all waste water from the health center, including the lab waste and run-off rainwater, were emptied into a gutter along a dirt road behind the health center. The Director of the health center determined that a septic tank would be the best way to improve sanitation in and around the center.

A contractor was hired, and came to the site to dig the deep hole and line it with brick for reinforcement. The water drain from the health center was then redirected to empty in the septic tank and away from the road.

The health center, with a commitment to improving patient safety, provided the additional funds necessary to complete the project.

The health center staff and the community at large were very pleased with the project. Now the lab reagents and contaminated water from the sinks are fully contained, and no longer present a hazard to health of patients and staff and a blight on the environment.

Thanks to Ahmed for completing the project and to the Elmo Foundation for providing the funding.