Conclusion of Ndumbu Well Project – Kenya

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Jane Duncan. To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to improve the well that provides for the water needs of the community.

Jane reports:

The project has been completed.

Water Charity funds were used to purchase cement, bricks, iron bars, wire, shovels, rope, and masonry tools. The Mbaa Ndolo Self Help Group provided all needed labor and finished the project within a one-month time frame.

A large concrete ring was placed down at a level of 20 feet for the base of the well. On top of the base sit bricks making up the wall of the well. The bricks are reinforced and kept in place through us of cement, iron bars, and wire.

Currently, the well is still sticking about 5 feet out of the ground, but the group is moving soil this week to make fetching water easier.

The well has water year round, and people are still using the site to fetch water as much as they were previously, but now with far less risk. One of the Mbaa Ndolo group members estimates that 3 large barrels of 250 liters each are drawn from the well daily.

Currently, people in the area are using buckets to draw water from the well. However, it is hoped that the project will continue when more funding is secured to provide for the installation of a hand pump.

Members of the Mbaa Ndolo Self Help Group extend their gratitude to Water Charity for making this project possible.

We are grateful to Jane for the expedient completion of this important project. We again thank Marilyn Williamson and Jane’s other friends and family for providing the funding.