Conclusion of Mwihoti Secondary School Latrine Project – Kenya

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Brett Werkheiser.

To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to build a latrine for the girls, install a rainwater catchment system, and build several handwashing stations.

Brett reports:

The project has been completed according to plan.

Although there were a lot of delays and miscommunications we are all very happy with the end result. The latrine has been built and the rain gutters and water tank installed!

For the latrine and tank installation, the parents dug the pit, provided the stone, and provided all labor. Once the pit was finished we delivered the cement.They used the cement to construct the stone latrine and lay a foundation for the water tank.

Once the foundation was laid, we delivered the gutter catchment system, which was installed the same day, so we delivered the tank the following day.

The parents installed security pillars around the tank out of pocket and the latrine was completed a few days later. The parents also provided the doors, iron sheet roofing, and PVC for ventilation.

When we visited the primary school, they already had a new handwashing station. As for the secondary school, they will be using the water tank as their hand washing station.

Now that they have clean water and a separate girls VIP latrine, they are confident about bringing in additional students to the school. Their goal is to expand to 40 students by the beginning of fall quarter.

I am pleased with the efforts the community went through to complete the project and although it was a little late I think we all benefited from the lessons we learned about effective communication and teamwork.

We are grateful to Brett for completing this outstanding project.