Update on Moringa Ride – Togo

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Moringa Trees - TogoFinal arrangements for the Moringa Ride – Togo are shaping up. The bike ride will begin on November 16, 2009, and continue for four days and three nights.

The latest configuration calls for 9 Peace Corps Volunteers and 6 Togolese counterparts to embark on the ride. The contingent will stop at 13 communities along the way.

In addition to teaching the huge benefits of Moringa cultivation and use, and demonstrating the necessary techniques, the group will start a nursery in each community to begin the process.

PCV William Wu, who has been coordinating this effort along with PCV Christian Mason, reports as follows:

We will be starting our ride Monday morning from Dapaong, heading southwest towards Nano, and returning north to finish up the ride with a grand presentation in Cinkasse at the border.

The group has been working on posters and other materials to publicize the ride. The Moringa tree truly lives up to its designation as a “miracle tree”.

William - Togo

The effects of this event will reach beyond the range of the communities visited if enough people in enough places know about it. In this regard, everyone can play a part by publicizing this event on their social networks.

Communication by Internet and phone is intermittent, but the group will be in touch with us with updates about their activities. Check back here to read reports as the event progresses.

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