Conclusion of Mikhail Vasilyevich Frunze Secondary School Toilet Project – Kyrgyzstan

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This project is completed successfully through the partnership of WATER CHARITY and HENKEL

Water Charity planned opening of the new toilets at Mikhail Vasilyevich Frunze Secondary School in Osh city, Kyrgyzstan happened according to schedule in January of this year. 

The administration of Secondary School#24 together with the Education Department in Osh city developed and received approvals for a project aimed at the construction of an outdoor toilet building with an area of ​​36 sq.m. at the school site for students in the school. The estimated cost of this toilet building was 1,500,000 (one million five hundred thousand) Kyrgyz currency or 21,500 (twenty-one thousand five hundred) US dollars. Water Charity also received a grant from Henkel.

In the course of the study, our team revealed that inside the school building on each floor there were previously toilets, but for the past twenty years they had failed and did not work due to the fact that the sewage lines laid to them were completely clogged and destroyed, and the premises themselves were used for other purposes. These toilets were operational from 1969 to 1994 and subsequently used as storage. The presence of bathrooms inside the school building prompted even more serious study of the issue related to their renovation/retrofit.

The solution to this issue required an additional study of the entire territory both inside the school and beyond for the construction of a new sewer line. It took us more than a month to find the route along which a new alternative sewage line could be laid. Despite all this, a new project was developed that made it possible to renovate/retrofit the previously operational bathrooms inside the school building.

This solution is the best in all aspects:

  1. The need to build a new detached toilet building
  2. The aesthetic appearance of the school itself is not violated and the territory of the school garden is not destroyed
  3. Children do not need to go far and go outside in cold weather, which could cause illness
  4. Incidence of female urinary tract infections from going to the bathroom in the cold will be lowered
  5. A detached toilet building would be cold in winter due to lack of heating, which would complicate its operation
  6. It would be difficult for children to climb stairs in rainy and snowy weather.

Renovation of the internal toilets would remove all these problems; moreover, the total area of ​​the interior bathrooms is 51 sq. m. (549 sq. ft.), a 41% increase over the initial design. The implementation of the alternative project was delayed due to landscape problems, namely the fact that along the perimeter of the entire school there were lines of the city thermal power station, which could not be bypassed. In principle, this was the basis for the development of the project for the construction of a new toilet building on a school site near existing sewer lines.

Reconstruction and overhaul of the existing toilet inside the school

Reconstruction included the dismantling of old walls, Installation of plastic windows, construction of a new drywall toilet wall and installation of new entrance doors, laying sewer pipes and water lines, installation of floor toilets, leveling the floor with a concrete screed under the tile, installation of the frame of individual cells made of metal under plastic partitions, plastering and leveling of existing walls.

Work related to the construction of a new sewage line and a new water line.

Sewerage has already been stretched out on the street with the installation of sewer wells with covers for every 30-40 meters to the fence of the school with a total length of 90 meters. Along with this, a new water supply line with a length of 60 meters has been laid but has not yet been connected to the main waterway.

To complete the street work, it remains to install 2 more wells to the main sewage system and dig 40 meters to connect water, Water Charity dig a trench around the garden about 10 m.

Along with this, to complete it, it remains to purchase and pay:

  1.  Sinks on all floors of 5 pieces;
  2.  Plastering 10 bags;
  3.  Cement 500 kg;
  4.  Paints and brushes and rollers;
  5.  Water pump;
  6.  Plastic for partitions of cells for toilets;
  7.  Salary for workers.

These facilities were made possible by a “Make an Impact on Tomorrow” grant from the Adhesives Donation Committee of Henkel of America, Inc., Adhesive Technologies General Industries division, in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, USA.

The support of 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Water Charity of Crestline, California, USA.

And the generosity of the following individuals:

AIsulu Meimankanova Connie N Marti Flick
Anonymous  Donna Sutkaitis Matthew Donelan
Anonymous Eldiiar Sydykov Michael Brady
Anonymous Erkingul Karakozueva Nazokat Alimova
Anonymous Fletcher Goldinger Nora K
Anonymous Gigi Hagenah  Pam Koch
Anonymous Heidi Demello Patrick Courtney
Anonymous  Janet James Richard Schubert 
Andrew Shannon John DeLeo Rick Scola 
Arifa Mujagic John Georges Rita Fitzpatrick
Barbara Raisner Judy Shannon  Rosemary McGinn
Beatrice Kerr  Jyldyz Aknazarova Roger Johnson 
Ben Artikov  Katherine Davies Sarah DeLeo 
Benjamin Gowdy-Chase  Laura Hesse Steven Manee
Benjamin Jordan  Margaret DeLeo Suhrab Karimov 
Berna Saracoglu Malmstroem Margaret Federovitch  Travis Richardson
Christine Marotta Margaret Keating  

In the appendix to this justification, there is a list of all purchased building materials and tools and the costs of some work [to date].

Costs incurred in KGS / USD for construction of internal school toilet
Name of materials and work Soms USD
Drywall 29351.00 420.50
Toilet sinks 12 + 2 pcs 36240.00 519.20
plumbing and plastic pipe 22613.00 323.97
Doors 18000.00 257.88
Hardware 4724.00 67.68
Plastering (Putties) 9075.00 130.01
Profile pipes 33500.00 479.94
Tile 63550.00 910.46
Plastic windows Imzo 39500.00 565.90
Sand 9000.00 128.94
cement 9000.00 128.94
Crushed stone 9000.00 128.94
Woods 1460.00 20.92
Instruments 3875.00 55.52
Wells with covers 32724.00 468.83
Asbestos pipes 23590.00 337.97
Sewer hatches 10410.00 149.14
Cable for pump 1800.00 25.79
Hose 1600.00 22.92
Rod 500.00 7.16
Plastic pipes for water 4700.00 67.34
Fecal Pump 24100.00 345.27
SUBTOTAL 388312.00 5563.21
Work and Advance payment to Workers    
Advance paid 5100.00 73.07
Registration of a dock in the city water company 10000.00 143.27
Excavator 23000.00 329.51
Garbage removal 6000.00 85.96
SUBTOTAL 44100.00 631.81
TOTAL 432412.00 6195.01