Conclusion of María Agüero Water System Project – Costa Rica

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Danica Campos.

To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to connect the homes in María Agüero to the public water system.

Danica reports:

The Maria Agüero water project has been completed.

The community got help from Peace Corps volunteers to connect 78 families and 113 homes to receive clean drinking water directly into their homes.

 Plumbers from the community were also paid with the funds to connect 210 PVC tubes measuring 6.28 cm inner diameter of various lengths, which connected individual houses to the water mains. 421 joints were used in the process.Water Charity funding went toward the installation of 52 PVC water mains measuring 10 meters in length and 15.43 cm inner diameter. Along with the water mains, 84 valves were installed.

A backhoe and driver were provided by the municipality which dug ditches 90 cm in depth down every street, while community members worked to make sure the water mains were surrounded by 40 cm of sand. Together we worked 9 hours a day in a laborious process which involved shoveling dirt into wheelbarrows which were then emptied one by one into the ditch.

This project brought community members together in a truly remarkable way and will have far-reaching effects on the entire community.

We are grateful to Danica for her rapid completion of this ambitious and difficult project. We extend our thanks to her friends and family who provided the funding.