Lunga Village Clinic Bathroom Project – Zambia

This project is made possible through the partnership of WATER CHARITY and the NATIONAL PEACE CORPS ASSOCIATION.

This project has been completed.  To read about the conclusion, CLICK HERE.

Lunga Village Clinic Bathroom Project - ZambiaLocation
Lunga Village, Katete District, Zambia

Community Description
Lunga Village is in the Eastern part of Zambia, and consists of 19 sub-villages, with a population of over 5,000 people. It is inhabited by the Chewa people, whose official language is Chichewa.

The biggest source of income is maize farming, which is also a staple food for the Chewa people. This village is an hour away from the Mozambiquan border and three hours away from the Malawian border.

The main source of entertainment for villagers is the Nyau dance. Men dress up and dance in traditional costumes made with animal skins and bird feathers. The women sing Chewa songs and dance to the beat of the drums.

Lunga Village Clinic Bathroom Project - ZambiaLunga has a two-block primary school building (1-7th grade) and a local clinic, which are both accessed by both Zambians and Mozambiquans.

There is also a borehole accessed by 10 villages. Villagers from the other 9 communities fetch their water from the river.

Lunga villagers do not have electricity. The closest town is Katete, which is approximately 45 kilometers away.

Problem Addressed
The health problems that exist in the community range from open defecation (not enough toilets), poor sanitation both in the villages and the clinic, inadequate sources for clean and safe drinking water, high rates of maternal and child deaths, malnutrition, and high rates of individuals contracting HIV.

The current existing one-room maternity ward is extremely small and is unable to accommodate the number of women who come to deliver. The ward is meant to only accommodate one woman but is often occupied by 2 or 3.

Often, when the borehole breaks down, clinic staff have to fetch water from the river, and this water isn’t safe to be used in the maternity ward or for handwashing.

Project Description
This project is to build a maternity ward building, mother’s waiting for shelter, a maternity ward toilet, and bathing shower room.

The mother’s waiting shelter will accommodate pregnant women who live far from the clinic and enable them to arrive several days before the expected delivery. This will help decrease maternal and child deaths.

Lunga Village Clinic Bathroom Project - ZambiaThe sanitation element consists of a toilet for the maternity ward, a bathing room, handwashing tap buckets and big containers for keeping water.

Water Charity will provide the funds for the entire clinic, including the sanitation element.  Funding will be used for construction labor, bricks, cement, iron sheets, handwashing tap buckets, and large water storage containers.

Headman Chimsitu allocated land for the maternity ward.

The newly-created Construction Committee will oversee construction.

All 19 villages within the Lunga catchment contributed labor to make bricks and will secure partial funds to pay for construction labor.

Project Impact
5,000 people will benefit from the project

Lunga Village Clinic Bathroom Project - ZambiaPeace Corps Volunteer Directing Project
Patience Mhlanga

Monitoring and Maintenance
The Health Committee and Construction Committee will mobilize the community should any needs arise for sustaining the maternity ward.

The community members will take turns regularly cleaning and maintaining the facility for the ward.

The Health District, board members, and clinic staff will resolve any problems that arise.

Project Funding
Although the funds to get this project underway have been provided by an anonymous donor, we continue to accept donations so that we have funds on hand for the next project in Zambia.  Please use this Donate button, and your donation will be attributed to this project.