Liakom Protected Spring Project – Cameroon

Liakom, Fundong Subdivision, Boyo Division, Northwest Region, Cameroon

Community Description
The Boyo Division is located in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. The predominant ethnic group is the Kom people, but there are also Hausa and Mbororo’s in the sub-division as well.

Liakom is traditionally known as the location of the Kom Palace. However, in the valleys from the palace live many Mbororo herders who are an ethnic minority in the area. This far portion of Liakom is inhabited by many compounds of Mbororo herders who rely on subsistence farming and their cattle. The population is approximately 325 people.

Problem Addressed The Mbororo people have been using a spring catchment that has remained open and unprotected since its creation in the 1980s. This leaves those who rely on the spring very vulnerable to many waterborne diseases.

The spring is on a far edge of Liakom and is located downhill from the majority of the herders’ compounds. This leads to the contamination of the water supply.

Project Description
This project is to rebuild the old and dilapidated spring catchment.

The spring will be re-excavated and covered. The community will dig until the impermeable layer/bedrock is reached. The water engineer will instruct the community on making the water channel.

After the channel is created, the community will fill the rest of the space with clean stones, and cement over the top of it. This will dam the water and leave it cleanly collected and adequately protected from animals and other organic materials.

Community members will carry stones, sand, cement, and all other construction materials, as well as provide all unskilled labor for excavating and back-filling.

Water Charity funds will be used to pay for the cement, sand, bricklayer/engineer labor, and a few pipe fittings, to create the protected spring source.

Many community members have already received training in various topics over a month-long period while attending neighboring Alim/Boyui and Ameng’s trainings. A refresher course will be conducted after community work days.

Project Impact
350 people will benefit from the project.

Peace Corps Volunteer Directing Project
Stephen Cormier

The protection of the spring catchment will reduce disease caused by contamination of the water, and make the supply readily accessible to the villagers.

Stephen previously completed the Alim Protected Spring Project – Cameroon, the Menka Protected Spring Project – Cameroon, and the Menka Water Storage Project – Cameroon.

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This project has been finished. To read about the conclusion of the project, CLICK HERE.