Conclusion of Altiplano Water Program, Phase 1 – Peru

The first phase of this major program has been completed under the direction of Ralph Bolton, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Peru,’62-’65), and founder and director of The Chijnaya Foundation.

Work was done under the direction of Chijnaya’s operational arm, Asociación Pro-DIA, a legally-constituted Peruvian counterpart. On-the-ground work was managed by Kimmy Mazza, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Peru,’16-’18).

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The program was designed to implement a series of individual water and sanitation projects in approximately 27, communities in the Titicaca Basin of Southern Peru, including Chijnaya and neighboring villages.

Kimmy reports:

In 2018, the Asociación Pro-DIA, with the support of The Chijnaya Foundation, Water Charity and the National Peace Corps Association sponsored ten projects to improve access to water in agricultural communities in the Puno Region. These projects involved small-scale irrigation systems, sanitation facilities, water catchment and conservation, and access to water for human and animal consumption.

Ten projects were completed in the following 9 communities during the first phase of the Altiplano Water Program- Ccotos (2 projects), Chijnaya, Colquejahua, Jallahua, Angara Bajo, Angara Alto, Quenuani Bajo, Huancarani, and Llicllica.

To read Kimmy’s full conclusion report, CLICK HERE.

We extend our thanks to the team for completing the first phase of this vitally important program.

The model has proven to be tremendously effective. The work can be replicated when sufficient funding is secured to support it. If you like this program, please Donate.